Your preferences of watching IF content on YouTube

Hey everyone,

I was wondering what kind of content to produce for my channel next, and I thought it would be interesting to ask y’all on what makes you click any video on YouTube? So I’ve got a couple of questions regarding that, it would be really helpful if y’all could just share your thoughts in the comments! Also, forgive me I if added this topic in the wrong category, I wasn’t exactly sure to where to place it.

  1. What format of video are you more likely to watch?
  • Timelapses,

  • Quick edits (montages) showcasing scenery and/or the aircraft,

  • Streams of full length flights

  1. What duration of video are you most likely to watch in its entirety?
  • 3 minutes and under,

  • 5-10 minutes, or

  • 10 minutes and over.

You can of course add your own preferences as required, these are just some ballparks for your references.


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Try to make a poll! Maybe then people could answer easier. To make one click on the gear icon and choose “build poll”, then follow the instructions!


3 minutes or under

I would say just a quick edit with montages in it.

I would say 2-6 minutes

Make sure to show some scenery:)

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Should’ve definitely thought about that! Thanks for the answers and the tip!

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Thank you!

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