Your plane crashes, but an American icon helps you

On October 12th a Canadian demonstration team, The Snowbirds, CT-144 crashed. “ Captain Kevin Domon-Grenier was forced to eject from his aircraft shortly before our performance in Atlanta this afternoon," An official press released said. So as Captain Domon-Grenier was on the ground an American Icon came to rescue him.

An Army Aviation Heritage Foundation who scrambled a Huey that was giving rides close to the downed Snowbird pilot, to aid in his recovery. this is Huey 624 “Lucky Star”. This particular helo was crashed and rebuilt 3 times in a time span of less than 40 days during the Vietnam War.
This is why we keep historical aircraft flying, not only to provide the public with history but we continue to rescue those In need



The pilot of the Huey is a hero and a very generous person and deserves a medal for what he did: stoping what he was doing to help someone else in need


Yes! The Army aviation heritage foundation crew did a fantastic job!!

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I thought you meant an Icon A5

@RotorGuy whats its registration.
We have a Huey that was re-built and repaired 3 times in the veitnam war too!

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Serial Number 66-16624

A helicopter friend of mine trained Huey pilots, he has the record and only Instructor to say every huey pilot he trained they all came home. None of his pilots he trained were killed in Vietnam


If he could let him know that we would love him to come over to the UK and tell everyone about it!

He must be a very very good instructor!

Unfortunately he’s not able travel due to some medical and life stuff sadly.

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Oh thats a shame.

He could email the museum and we can add him a mention to our records!


Huey is a great machine. Flew a couple of ex-Vietnam aircraft during my time.

I don’t believe there is any other chopper with the same insane levels of rotor blade inertia as the Huey!!!

(makes flying a Robbo a truly terrifying experience!!!)

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@RotorGuy heres our Huey!


What’s the serial @George_Flack

Literally flying a bell 47 or an S55 makes you afraid of flying a Robbie lol

@RotorGuy I will have have to find that put for you!

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