Your personal weather limit

Attempted to practice crosswind Landings at LaGuardia on the expert server with the 789, winds picked up to 33 gusting 42, direct cross landing 22.

I didn’t land succesfully. I am still learning this aircraft and it is difficult.

My question is, what is your personal limit that you feel comfortable with landing in regarding crosswind or turbulance weather on Infinite Flight?


If it’s 35, with a sustain winds of 40 that’s a no go for me, rather be safe then sorry. Now if it’s right down the runway of off by 10 degrees then I’ll attempt it but have enough fuel for an alternate.

Now turbulence if it’s moderate that’s fine by me, severe I would probably try go around it but I’ll fly through it.


For me, turbulence is more of an issue than wind. For example, you could have a 110kt crosswind at cruise with next to no turbulence. Or, you could have a 60kt crosswind with extreme turbulence. Obviously the 789 should be able to cope with stronger winds than an A320 for example.

So yeah around like 100kts generally becomes too extreme for cruise.
Probs over 35-40 crosswind at landing, as that’s generally the cutoff for a lot of aircraft.


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Hmnmm it seems the limit for the 789 is 33 knots for landing in a crosswind, each aircraft is different, that seems lower then others, I wonder if it has to do with the material used to make it.

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Well for me I look at what the limit is for the aircraft and the airport. I went to go and speak with a EasyJet Switzerland pilot yesterday and we looked at some charts of airports. One airport had a limit of 10 knots tailwind.

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That is a ‘demonstrated’ crosswind which effectively means it’s the maximum crosswind the Boeing pilots could find during crosswind certification.

The actual crosswind limits are often set by the company depending upon experience and runway conditions up to a maximum. Generally we operate up to 40kts sustained crosswind.

The role of the aircraft Captain is to ascertain whether or not he/she is happy and capable of landing in those conditions. If the answer is no then divert. It’s what we’re paid for! :D


A quick check of the aircraft limits gives the following max crosswind components for landing:

B777-200 & 300 45kts Dry conditions
B787-8 to 10 40kts Dry conditions

So you’re good up to those (obviously depending upon the company!!!)
Demonstrated limits are not actually airframe limits but are taken by some to be so.


Anything gusting over 60 knots, land a lot in 40 knot + gusts in Wellington

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I tried a couple crosswind landings a few hours ago in the CRJ at KJFK with winds gusting from 29kts to 34kts (stayed in this range) and it was pretty fun. It’s a little tricky keeping the CRJ going straight down the centreline.

Edit: mind you this was a little over the CRJ’s crosswind limit of 27kts on a dry runway.

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That is a lot of wind for the CRJ, @anon31652286, I dont think I’ll be doing that :).

With the 789, 40knt gusts is provingto be a long road for me, I snap the rudder to line up about 400 feet from touchdown and tap down the main landing gear into the wind but then suddenly the aircraft wants to go into the wind and either almost off the runway or off of it…

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I understand, the aircraft wants to move into the wind due to wind hitting the flat surface that is the vertical stabiliser. Have you tried correcting this by using more rudder to get the aircraft rolling straight down the runway?

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Yes, I run out of rudder unfortunately. .

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In those wind conditions allow the aircraft to ‘crab’ into wind. You should find yourself lined up with the upwind edge of the runway (the gear will be on the centreline!)

As you approach the flare use the rudder to bring the nose into line with the runway and drop the into wind wing to counteract the drift and keep you over the centreline.

You should be landing with the into wind truck first then the downwind truck then the nose wheel.

Trying to keep it lined up with the runway from 400’ using rudder will give you authority problems as well as, IRL, being extremely uncomfortable!!! :D


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