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As everyone know there is many ****** pilots around ATC Playground especially on SoCal region. In relation to this, I found that aircrafts those waiting for while have some chance to take-off with out permission from ATC coz maybe they wanna fly asap or else idk. In regarding to this, most of them are starting to take off when one aircraft just entered the runway without permission and preparing for take-off. Therefore if most of the aircrafts are following instruction despite they are waiting for while will prevent them to enter the runway by their decision and blocking inbound or ground traffic especially report system is well known than before, so I wanna believe that have fear on it even just little bit.

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That’s Playground buddy, and let me tell you this. No matter how many people complain and make threads about it, it won’t ever change :)

Solution: Fly Advanced


PG the best place to be. Nice sunny days at crowded SoCal airports and if you have an iPad 2 it will lag horribly or crash, full of nimrods that mess around, and ATC that sometimes can’t give correct instructions. Playground is awesome until you see a nimrod ;D

Like @Skylines said fly advanced for the best experience.


MsxSez, Twaddle! Advanced is a dessert! It’s understaffed & under utilized for a reason.


Well, than there is no function for free flight server isn’t it?

Actually, it’s used for Turbulent Tuesday and other events.

There is some rules in ATC Playground and following these rules are common sense no matter what device are they using or what their situation is.

No, I mean why are you guys accepting these behavior in ATC Playground even there is such great server “Free Flight Server” is existing? I don’t see any reason, or I can guess some people doesn’t wanna bother anymore, so let them go. Isn’t?

Yeah, you’re right. And should be Advanced and ATC Playground treated as similar: since there is only two differences which is ATIS and ghost system by individual controller.

Yeah rules are in Playground but I’m saying here[quote=“Bulba, post:3, topic:36828”]
crowded SoCal airports and if you have an iPad 2 it will lag horribly or crash

Is just how bad some may be with Playgrounds most popular region being so crowded and so on. But some people may not follow the rules because even though you can get ghosted on PG it has to be 3 people not liking what people the nimrod is doing.

ATIS is actually disabled for all, but the Advanced controllers are tested for “Quality assurance” with controlling.

Everyone, including yourself and myself, is learning.

There is a difference between learning and trolling though.

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