Your opinion on what I should purchase.

I want to purchase either the 767 or a new region. If you think I should buy a region let me know which one.[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Boeing 767
  • New Region
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With not knowing what will change once global comes out, I would personally purchase an airplane so then you can use it when global comes if you desire to purchase global. :)


It’s not our money that is being spent. Therefore, our input should not matter. Getting tired of people posting “what should I buy next” topics. Brutally honest.


Needs to be said. Who is buying the aircraft/region/subscription? The community or yourself?


Well, the 767 is an outdated model, so I rather purchase a variant of the 787 or the Dash 8. I wouldn’t buy a region, since Global Flight is on the way.


I really suggest buying a variant of 787 if you like bigger planes, if you like smaller planes go for the dash 8, I like them both

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