Your opinion on Portuguese Category ?


Hello community, I would like your opinion about creating a category for Portuguese speakers as well as category in Spanish and French.
The Portuguese-speaking community has been growing daily mainly in Brazil. Currently, approximately 250 million people in the world speak Portuguese and Brazil accounts for about 80% of this total. Therefore, the Portuguese language is established as an official language in Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Mozambique, East Timor, São Tomé and Princípe and Equatorial Guinea.
So I think it would be valid to create a category for this, in addition to being officialized several VA’s in Brazil, would certainly help the community regarding the entry and disclosure of Brazilian VA’s for Brazilians who do not yet know them.


I actually think that this is a good idea, I mean, that me as a Spanish guy might have trouble understanding? I am guessing So, overall, a nice idea as it would bring community closer together.


Yes !! Although without knowing much you can understand some things by associates between Spanish and Portuguese but some other things not, then the creation of a category in Portuguese would be essential.


Huh - interesting idea - would definitely prove to be useful


I don’t really know if it’s actually that useful. Here’s why: It worked pretty well so far without the category.

See, I once asked for a German support category as well because there are so many German speaking folks around. But then I thought about it. I’ve never seen as user on IFC asking for German support.

I think that those who really need support can post in the English, French or Spanish category. And they’re really unable to communicate in one of those languages, I’m sure they can find a user who is able to translate via PM. But even that situation is pretty rare.

So personally in my opinion the support categories we have are sufficient 👍🏼

And additionally, as I just realized that this isn’t only about the #support category:

No, I don’t think it’s necessary to have main categories in different languages outside of support. It will get enormously difficult to moderate. The main language of this community is English and the game is available only in English as well. Therefore, I don’t see categories for different languages coming to IFC soon. It’s good to have two additional options in #support but again, that should be sufficient.


I do not agree, I think Portuguese is essential, and it’s a better employee with the category in Portuguese…

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I’ll get right to the point I should have. Who does not want to use do not use.
I initially needed a lot and I’m glad I had Portuguese and 1 Brazilian who helped me with the translation because it was a big problem.
Today I’m better but not everyone has a good support and something in the language help yes.

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But where do we stop then? Here are the Top 10 of the most spoken languages:

  1. Chinese
  2. Spanish
  3. English
  4. Hindi
  5. Arabic
  6. Portuguese
  7. Bengali
  8. Russian
  9. Japanese
  10. Punjabi/Lahnda

Portuguese is number 6. According to to your argumentation, we’d need a Chinese, a Hindi and an Arabic category as well. We can’t cover everything. And again, it worked pretty well with the languages we have already. That’s why I say again: I don’t think it’s necessary 😊

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What has one thing to do with another?
who wants something in their language that is dedicated to create.
there are cases and there are many here on this site that people really need a human translator because it is difficult for a google or other softer to help.
And not so much for the support but for the growth of the IF that in Brazil is not as used as other competitors and this is one of the problems.

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Oh yes !!! I agree, many of you need help with you.

Yes it’s true. @Marc the question is not the amount of speakers and yes the question is that the community in the IF that matters. The number of Portuguese speakers who simulate in the FI has been growing more and more is not greater because of these divergences. With the creation of a category in Portuguese, we could get even closer and increase the community that speaks Portuguese in Infinite Flight, that is, increasing inclusion is very difficult to achieve in the community using translation applications. With the creation of the community we could in the future get a representative of IFVARB who speaks Portuguese and Spanish to help the South Americans.

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This is another point to have a virtual company you need a very good English.
With this initiative would give to create the first LaTam or virtual Gol with support for those who do not understand anything but likes to use the IF.
Because there are rules and are very difficult for a virtual company.
Even when I went to AFKLM, I suffered a lot and that’s where a human translator helped me because speaking seriously is very difficult.


I would like to set up something Brazil for Brazilians. Even the IF gives more support and attention when there are virtual companies assembled.
Today the best are BA and AFKLM


I think the answer to this question lies within the Infinite flight app…

What languages does the app support? If it supports other languages, then maybe you could consider this…

On a second note, I think it would be to hard to monitor and would also create divides amongst the community and essentially shrink it.

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Not really:
The IF is a strong community.
But there are people who do not speak English and believe they use the IF because they like it.
And there are the technicians, people who like the thing and go to study more.
Now seeing the company and client side the IF business is selling friends. Without money the thing does not hold. Brazil is very outside the IF if it compares the community of other countries and that is where the language can bring people closer.

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Hello. This won’t happen now as we already have enough categories, including the main other languages of our users. Feedback taken though!