Your Opinion On Lufthansa

  • I flew with them, and I love them!
  • I flew with them, their ok…
  • I flew with them, and they became my least favorite airline!
  • I never flew with them

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Please tell me why in the comments!

Never flew with them, but I would love to :)


Why is there such boom on these airline satisfaction polls?


No one knows…

I’m just “joining the action”!

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Very innovative airline. First class is smashingly fantastic(Especially their first class terminal)


At least you added the “I’ve never flown with them” option.


I did fly with them a couple times (around 4 or 8 times) in Economy. It was a really great experience! Loved the food and IFE!

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They offer the best food I have eaten after QR and EY. At second with CX, NH and SQ

Sorry if I am biased but I like the CX IFE coz I can watch HK drama. LH has updated movies though

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They are the best:
-Nice crews
-Nice fleet
-Nice livery
-best pilots (with the smoothest landings no other airline is making smooth landings like that)
-best food

I love Lufthansa <3 :D


I once flew to Frankfurt on LH, it was a A380 and the flight was good, the service as well. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the food. I almost never eat in flight, no matter how long it might be.

When I was flying with them from London to Frankfurt (connection with SIA back to JFK the next morning), I was appalled by the seats. Didn’t recline, literally less than 3 inches thick, and almost no legroom. Plus, we were delayed for two hours without explanation. Every other aircraft at EGLL was leaving on time, but we weren’t. We got to Frankfurt at 11:00PM, after the tower’s scheduled closing time.

This was an Airbus A321 in case you’re wondering.

My ‘opinion’ is ‘I never flew with them’.
This doesn’t make sense.

I don’t get these topics. :(

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“I never flew with them” is the best opinion according to people


But FRA is horrible IMHO. Especially the new terminal 3 they are building in the south…

Who the hell builds terminals like these nowadays? Everyone knows that satellite terminals are superior to any other design. The way they are building it now must be hell for pushback drivers…

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What?! I thought Ryannair had those!

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I guess that’s a post for the “Your Opinion on FRA” topic, since it has nothing to do with Lufthansa. :)
I hope you don’t create one though.
These “Your Opinion” topics are getting out of hand.

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You can relax, I’m not that kind of guy ;)

If I judge an airline, I also look at their homebase.

Aren’t those completely separated issues?
Here in the Netherlands EHAM is a company of its own and is in part regulated by the Dutch government.
Being KLM’s home base has virtually nothing to do with it and it really doesn’t say anything about KLM.

I guess it could be different in other countries. I wouldn’t know.

Yes, that is true.

The homebase or hub of an airline also says something about the airline and what this airline can offer. Look at TK for example: Great product in-flight, but poor service on ground and a cramped airport. I think IST is holding them back and I would certainly much rather transfer via an efficient and modern airport.

I wouldn’t know anything about Istanbul Atatürk and Turkish Airlines.