Your opinion on Concorde

Hey guys Gman here. Since the Concorde I would like to know what is your opinion on the Concorde do you like it do you love it ? Let me know in my opinion I hate it , not my favorite aircraft.

Vote here and if you have a anything else to say let tell your fellow community members in the comments. And please no useless comments on why I or other community members don’t like or like the Concorde it is our opinion :)

  • I love it such a beauty
  • Meh it’s ok
  • What is this it’s disgusting

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Can everyone just cool it with the concord.


ZSez: No, but I love the plane and the progress it represents.


EdgyMemeThatCopiesSez: Stop the Sez.

Anyway, the Concorde was an amazing innovation in the airline industry. I think we can all agree on that.


The Concorde had his days of glory, who even knew that supersonic flights would be possible in the 1960s.

Btw. The “Sez” is for exclusive use of Maxmustang.


Sez you. 😅

I agree on it being the next wonder of the aviation world at the time though!

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