Your one wish

I meant my mustached plane wish came true.


Loads of British carriers put moustaches on their aircraft for Movember.


I wish my game wasn’t glitches causing massive terrain spikes rendering a lot of airports useless

MaxSez: I wish Forum commenters would think through and formulate there comment/responses prior to putting there ignorant one liners and poorly researced definitive statements before they strike a key. Apparantly the modern education system no long educates. The term “Doofus” comes to mind when I scroll the Forum.

(“Duffus” Defined: Some one stupid/ignorant:. from the word doof which is german for “stupid”. oh mai gard ur such ay doofus. Source: Urban Dictionary)


Lmao are you frustrated?

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All aircraft are free.

The MD-11 making its long awaited debut in IF!

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Airbus’ altitude callouts and autopilot disengage alarm.

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I would jump up and down like crazy 😁😂😊🎇🎆🎊🎊

Truly, it should be!

I would wish for everyone on Live to respect each other, and not to say this is a degrading way, but for everyone to understand all the features (Holds, go arounds, remaining in the pattern, etc). Realism starts with the people who use it


Better expert pilots.

Without ATC on the expert server is just like egg-spurt


My one wish is that everybody would be #giddyforglobal

Get rid of moderators we don’t need babysitting


True. I don’t need my post handheld

my wish is to make everything free

Nice comeback.

It teaches today’s kids that they can live in safe spaces.


MaxSez: @Swordfish… Oh Contrare! There are no “Safe Spaces”! Modern US Education does not educate it propagandizes! No more Dialectics, readin, writin or rithmatic just feel good mixed with a little Maxist/Leinist theory and a bit of social engennering. One man’s opinion possibly. So sad, to bad… Gooday…Regards.

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Definitely this one…

My wish? CRJ family :)