Your one wish

No Thankyou. I would like to see Evian water and Boiled Eggs in cockpits from now on. 😏

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I would wish for 4 more wishes. And then i would wish for 3D buildings, gear tilt, other aircraft in solo mode flying around & all the ground vehicles and all the ground crew.

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Mall in the Cockpit

I pretty much agree!

Gear Tilt πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

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3D buildings or bot planes on solo fly

Make everything PC level quality (PMDG, FS2CREW, FlyTampa, ORBX, LatinVFR, Quality Wings, FsDreamteam etc.)

3D buildings would be too hard to program into a MOBILE simulator

I wish BA b787-8

It’s a wish lol chill. A wish is suppose to grant him what he wants without logic used or complications

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I would probably agree on that one to :) lol

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They were planning on making 3D buildings I saw in their Facebook page I think. Then all of a sudden it just disappeared and never talked about till now

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I think it was too buggy or laggy. Something like that. They were also going to make a Hong Kong region.

Ok ok that sucks

Look what I found! πŸ™‚


Where was that ?

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Hong Kong region, an experimental version.

My wish came true now.

It’s from a long time ago.

Oh ok cool