Your one wish

Get rid of moderators we don’t need babysitting


True. I don’t need my post handheld

my wish is to make everything free

Nice comeback.

It teaches today’s kids that they can live in safe spaces.


MaxSez: @Swordfish… Oh Contrare! There are no “Safe Spaces”! Modern US Education does not educate it propagandizes! No more Dialectics, readin, writin or rithmatic just feel good mixed with a little Maxist/Leinist theory and a bit of social engennering. One man’s opinion possibly. So sad, to bad… Gooday…Regards.

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Definitely this one…

My wish? CRJ family :)

For people to stop complaining ^_^


These guys are missing! I’d love to fly them all so bad.

And I will die if this duck isn’t added!!

I’m sorry I have too many wishes

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No crazy airplanes on Live.

Like the ones who cut in line and stall all the time.

American education really sucks.

I change my one wish. I want to see a total flights (or landings) to total violations ratio be implemented in the grading system. Over 90% flights with no violations Grade 5, Over 75% Grade 4, over 65% Grade 3, over 50% Grade 2, Anywhere under 50% Grade 1.


that you could choose any aircraft and livery you wanted to

That is true cos I’m kindda thinking about x-plane slot nowdays

If I had one wish, I would wish for al…

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Transpander so I can fly crazy on advanced squawking 7700 or 7500 and the IFM can squawk 7777
also a thing where you can fail systems would be nice!

A couple of things wrong with your wish.

  1. It’s not advanced, it’s Expert.
  2. If you’re going to do this, do it on the “training” server.
  3. That’s the type of stuff that promotes peanutical behaviours.

Sorry if I intruded on your wish. I’m just against the idea.

If it was used to an acceptable standard where we have proper situations randomly, and not just to do it for fun and annoy other pilots and controllers where we have 400+ people on an A380 and diverting to London City, I would start to agree (slightly)

Remove stall.

Please be nice @Mr_Jetstar also it’s his wish it will never happen. Chill