Your Next Flight

Hi everybody,

My question to you guys:
What is your first next flight you are going to make?

Mine: Düsseldorf - Chania (Eurowings A320)

I personally don’t plan my flights that far in advance. I just feel like a flight, look on Flightradar24, and then find one I like.

Sometime next week to New Orleans on Southwest. dont know when :/

You can post your flights here:

Please search before posting to prevent unnecessary topics!


I’m sorry, but I don’t really see the use of this thread…
does it bring new info to the community?
Does it start a constructive discussion?
Do we really care what someone’s next flight is?

It seems to me as a topic just to make a topic…

As mentioned above, as soon as someone did a flight you’ll see it. Also just look on LiveFlight and you’ll see where people usually fly.

Don’t take it negatively though. Just my opinion 😉


Welcome to the community. You should not create topics just to have it hopefully become a popular topic. If it is useful or helps people as @Captain_Zen said then yes post it but if it will not help or be useful then don’t create it. Also check if something like it exists first.
Enjoy the community that you have become part of now.

Im sorry, can I delete this post?

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Good luck with that😉.

A mod will close it if he thinks there’s no reason for it to be open. For now just wait and see and post as if I hadn’t said anything.

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