Your most turbulent flight?

I was on a United 757 from Phoenix to Newark. The turbulence kept shaking us around and my drink kept spilling. The turbulence lasted continuously for an hour and a half. I enjoyed it but no one else did.

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In 2015, I was returning from vacation on a flight to Dulles from Las Vegas. I was on a United 737-900(ER?). Boarding and everything was normal, and it started raining which was quite a sight for Vegas. We taxiied to the runway and lined up for takeoff. The pilots spooled up the engines for takeoff, but we had to abandon takeoff 3 times because the engines would not have equal thrust or oil pressure. On the final attempt, we took off. At about 1,000 feet or so, the plane started shaking violently, and then dropped and rose very quickly. It was like I was on a roller coaster.

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My most turbulent flight was on a cathay dragon A320 from hong kong to was on approach and we hit a little microburst… the plane start to sink and the passangers was screaming out loud… eventually we made a safe landing though…

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approach in to kege in an american a319

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btw airbus uses stiffer wings than Boeing so thats why airbus has worse turbulence

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That was quite a ride!

Flying back to Manchester on Southwest was really bumpy due to the clouds, both ways we hit moderate turbulence, sometimes it felt like the plane dropped a couple of feet due to the turbulence

Short haul flight from EDDG to EDDT with a Bombardier Dash-Q400 from AirBerlin.
Had airbumps and turbulences and at one point there was an “airhole” where we fell round about 1000ft which the captain told us.

portland to Los Angeles on the Alaskan Disney plane. We were delayed 6 hours, then on the descent into la we went through a nasty storm. The poor little 737-400 didn’t travel very smooth through the clouds, and at one point I think I saw a phone fly up and hit the ceiling!

As I have mentioned in a previous thread. A flight coming from Honolulu to Sacramento was living hell. 2 hours into the flight, we encountered turbulent bumps along FL350. The pilot had to descend a little to loose some of turbulence. At such a high elevation, iv’e never been crucified so much.

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(This is not me)

This was what I was doing the entire flight? Any more accurate representations?

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