Your most turbulent flight?

Comment your most bumpy or turbulent flight in real life! Mine was flying from Frankfurt to New York. The turbulence over the pond was horrible and people actually looked super scared(while I just sat there with a grin on my face looking at everyone). It got so bumpy that at one point people were throwing up and the plane made a huge jerk upwards causing people to fly up(of course they had their seatbelts on). And imagine…all of it on an A380!

KDFW-KLIT Was flying on an Envoy e175 and was crusing at FL.250 with moderate turbulence. While descent the A/P didnt catch the altitude so the pilot had to pull the plane up fast and felt like you were in zero gravity. This happened twice


I was on a Malaysian Airlines A333 over Taiwan and we started rocking up and down, sideways. The turbulence was so rough I thought we were nosediving so I was prepared to die. Too bad I didn’t die and I looked like an idiot

Jk I lied about the last part, but it was hella bumpy


I can speak about a flight my auntie was on. She was going into Wellington in a air nz 320 extremly windy day, dozens of people were vommitng in the extreme turbulence. They went around 3 times before they diverted.


My worst experience was as a student pilot. It was a couple of days after the fourth Nor Easter hit the North Eastern US (a few weeks ago), so naturally it was really bumpy. We had just touched down with bad gusts, and were going 45mph on the ground when a wind gust knocked us back in the air again. I’ve never seen anything like it, and my instructor was just as perplexed.


For me, it was on a Spirit A320 descending into Chicago. I flew unaccompanied from Los Angeles to Chicago. We started our descent into the Windy City and flew through large cumulonimbus clouds. The plane was shaking crazy.

My second most was probably on a Qantas 747 from Los Angeles to Brisbane. Throughout most of the 14 hour flight, we had light turbulence where the plane was shaking almost every 5 minutes. I’m thinking it was because of the headwinds over the pacific.

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Flying NZAA - NZNR and was coming in over the hills, when the plane, (ATR72) dropped a couple hundred feet. Shaking like crazy.

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I was aboard this flight: Accident: KLM B772 over Atlantic on Apr 1st 2018, severe turbulence injures 4

turbulence came out of no where, not fun at all.

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Also mine. It was super bad

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KBUR-KLAS on any plane is terrible since u go over the desert… but i was recently on a china trip with school and flew Chengdu (ZUUU) to Shanghai (ZSPD) and was way worse on an Air China A319

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Mine was while im still grade 4 in Elementary school, me with half/most classmate was conduct a gathering to Jakarta (WIII).
On that day, our ride is Airplane and that’s on old Boeing 737-300 Batavia Air (Now ceased operation).

When in-flight due to turbulent the plane’s altitude dropped a few feet, all most passenger were screaming & my classmate too. I just only silent and praying

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Me? Well I was on a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Coolangatta and as we were climbing out from RWY 34 the plane just, well, I can’t explain how turbulent it was

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I remember I was 4, really into lunchables and could only get them when going to the UK, I was flying to Slovakia on a SkyEurope 737, half way through the flight and half way through my lunchables, we had a sudden gust of wind, it felt like we did a barrel roll, while everything was okay, the lunchables were not. I was not a happy 4 year old… relate.

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I was on South African Airways headed to Lusaka, and the geniuses on the flight deck decided it would be a good idea to descend right into a rainy season storm. Felt like we were being tossed around like a toy truck. We ended up having to go-around because a downdraft pushed us too low on final.

Not fun…

What plane was this a Embraer plane?

Nope. It was on a 737 - 300 I think. It might have been an 800. It’s been a while; I can’t remember.

It was an Air Canada B787 from Toronto to Madrid. There was some previous turbulence which kept me up a bit, but nothing significant. All of a sudden whoosh as the plane dropped like 100ft or something. I bet a couple of passengers screamed but I liked it. rollercoaster intensifies

Saudi Airlines Lahore to Jeddah (Bumpy over the Arabian Sea)
Also Turkish Airlines Jeddah to Istanbul (very Bumpy…)

Mine was on departure out of Heathrow on my way to Dusseldorf back in February. A couple of times the plane lurched downwards violently and it gelt like my stomach had gone upwards into my mouth.

Mine was last year when my plane was passing over China. It wasn’t super bumpy or as bumpy as i thought it would be. Although i slept through the whole turbulance part, only to wake up naturally when the bumps were almost over once we passed over Beijing. I was not able to eat my dinner from what i remember. And the landing in Tokyo was pretty turbulent as well. The pilots were forced to make a go around almost.