Your Memories of The Boeing 737- Classics (-100 through -500)

Honestly I think planes look better without winglets.

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My memories are from very short hops within Germany on the now retired B737-300.

The most memorable one was an announcement by the Captain that “lights would be off for a moment while they replay something in the cockpit” before while preparing for our flight…

I was actually surprised that I’ve been on a 737-300 before.

It was on Southwest from TPA-BWI. The only things I really remember are the old livery and brown seats.

N665WN, the plane I flew, now has cool plane tags made from it:

I’m planning to buy one soon.

In 2016, I was luckily able to fly on a Southwest 737-300 from Denver to Grand Rapids. This was my first (and only) flight on the classic -300. This was also my first memorable flight on Southwest, and I absolutely LUVed it! get it? Shame they retired before my flight to Phoenix a year and a couple of months later. I flew on N622SW, which is currently in costa rica becoming a freighter. Here’s her before my only flight on a 737-300, or any classic to date.

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I always forget the -300 could actually be equipped with winglets. LH never had them to my knowledge.

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At least the plane is still flying. And I flew this aircraft (N622SW) 22 times in my lifetime. I’ve been keeping a log of every aircraft I’ve flown on and how many times I’ve flown it.

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For example, I’ve flown on N955WN 17 times.

Wow! Now I know another person here on the forum who has been on the same airplane as well! I’ve also been on the same plane as @GlobalFlyer1, @Suhas, and I was on the same flight with @den.aviation before!

Could you also share that log? It would be cool to see all the classic Southwest Birds you’ve flown.
I would also recommend putting your flights on to see more data :)


While I don’t know for a fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve flown on some older generations of the 737s with Southwest. I was too little to know for sure though

So I know I have been one more 737 classic flights, I just can’t find all of them. But I know for a fact I’ve been on a few Southwest classics, a few United Airlines classics (-500), and a few America West classics (-300). This picture I attached (sorry for bad quality) is on a Southwest 737-300 from ABQ to MDW on January 1, 2015. The registration of the aircraft is N379SW. I loved the classic leather Southwest seats. Unfortunately I was too young to remember the United and America West 737s and don’t have pictures either.

I only have 5 pages from my log. I’m still finding the rest. I can share a few more though:

N772SW: 5 times
N8565Z: 1 times
Spirit Of Kittyhawk: 5 times.

N648SW: 10 times
N647SW: 1 time
N383SW: 2 times.
N334SW: 7 times
N8710M: 1 time (737-MAX)

Flew a Peruvian 732 3 years ago to the day, from Lima to Cuzco, and flew the -500 on the way back.

Other than that, a plethora of WN and US air classics, Shuttle By United 737s, Lufthansa 735, Continental 735, Alaska 734, and a few others.

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I want to ride one of the classics. Never have, but I really want to, the early 737’s are such great planes.

I might have flown on a Southwest 737-300 or 737-500 when I was really young but I don’t remember.


Nauru Still Operates The 733 to BNE


boy i do miss these legends


So yesterday I found out that when I moved to Texas from Philadelphia in 2008, it was on another 737-300, N340LV. Better yet, at the time it was painted in the Desert Gold livery, so it looked like this:
Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 9.16.40 AM
Even better yet this was my very first Southwest flight of my life. What better way to do it than on this classic!


That’s my favorite Southwest Airlines livery of all time. I honestly wish they stayed with that livery.

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These overhead panel controls were in my opinion the best the 737’s ever had.