Your live server connection

Hey guys and gals,
I have been seeing a ton of questions on the IFC asking when the servers will be up and stuff. And to answer that, they don’t know yet. @schyllberg and the team are working very hard to fix the issue.

To satisfy yourself, I suggest flying in solo, and get a feel of how the plane is, what the different buttons do, and how to file flights etc… we all wanna fly on the servers, but they are being overloaded with pilots. Please stay patient and bare with the IF team with patience and wait out this issue.

Think of this time as a learning experience to go into solo and try out some landings, button controls, and more of the new things added to IF.

See you in the non lagging skies,


Solo isn’t working also


same for me


Weird solo works fine for me

Solo doesn’t work either lol

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im online and flying!

Doesn’t work for me either, tried all three of my phones, one is Android and the other two are iOS.

Looks like the account is having an issue connecting too.

Solo is not working for me

Its all working fine for me - just a bit on the slower side


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