Your latest flightpath

Post your latest Flight Paths here; would e very interesting to see how you guys fly. In case you are wondering how to do it, visit and at the end of your flight click your plane and it will show you your flightpath.


P.S. To save space on the website server, please upload the pictures using third-party porgrams e.g. or

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What’s the point of this? :)

Just for fun, haha

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I don’t have the time to post a photo ;)

My latest one was EGTK --> EGBB

My latest flight was PHNL-KLAX.

Usually I just punch a destination airport into the flight plan and fly my own way. I never use waypoints unless the extreme rare occasion I do need it.

Just join a VA and see what flights we do. I log my daily flights in my VA log book. Its ALL there. Not going to tell you my VA though!