Your landings (90 days) error?

I have a feeling the counter that tracks your landings in the last 90 days is broken. Anyone like me who believe this counter is remarkably high?

My 90 day flight-time counter reads 272, That I can believe.
But my 90 day landing counter reads 755. Now I have been doing my touch and goes, as I’m an XP hunter with less care for the hours. But still, how can this be so rediculously high? 😵

I have seen other queries on this forum on this before.
This is not a support question; I’m just trying to find out what others have.

I have way more flight time than I do landings, because I don’t do touch and goes. You’ll naturally have more landings when you do more pattern work. I’m not exactly sure what counts as a landing but apparently you’ve done a ton of them. Good job!

It happens from time to time where when you log in the stats are off. Log out and back in usually solves the issue.

Mine look right, unfortunately…


It might be a glitch, it should resolve over time.

tbh - same with me
I’m not going to complain tho :D

@Chris_S… MazAsks: No problem with the count but a big problem with the “Machine Induced/Daily Landing Count Reduction”. I’ve been loosing more than I gain. I’m now 25 Landings Down and Lost a Grade because I’ve been doing long hauls with very few bounces. The auto reduction is patently unacceptable and I’ll advised. I fly, Touch and Go’s are a necessity for proficiency periodically but inducing make up T&G’s are tough love. What’s the story, how many, how often, what’s the ratio ect


I know Max has noticed this (he made a topic)

But yes I have noticed this as well, I think it’s a bit off. Mine doesn’t fluctuate that much, I haven’t flown in The past month and a half but I still have 100landings which should be less

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