Your interactions between ATC and Pilots

Hey guys,

Our mission is not to ghost you when we are controlling on the advanced server. In fact, it is to let you have the greatest and best time playing. That’s why I am making this post.

Please, and I say please, familiarise yourself with ATC commands and terminology before playing with us, it is a crucial step not to be ghosted. A simple thing as requesting taxi before pushback can annoy us sometimes, even though it is at some airports possible, have you ever seen a flight taxiing straight from a stand/gate? I don’t think so. Does it make sense pushbacking all the way to the runway? Apparently it does for some guys.

Also, please follow heading and altitude commands when you are tuned into approach. Even though you are still not being vectored the ATC might be saving all the passengers aboard, avoiding a collision by vectoring you away from an aircraft on collision route with another one.

Last, don’t request for flight following with a jet, it does not make sense. There are a ton of threads explaining why, so please don’t bother annoying us with this. We know what we do, every time you request something, you blink orange on our map, it does not stop until we respond, so please avoid sending duplicate messages.

The list goes on and on and on, and remember that we as controllers are also humans, we might forget that we told you to do something and send you something else to do and we might send you a wrong message because of our fingers having to be so fast when there is a lot of traffic.

Advanced controller 2

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Thanks for the post. I’m looking forward to more updated commands / interface with ATC in the future.

There are some basic (at least I think so) functionality missing - such as when ATC give you a command to do something, you’re often only able to respond saying you’ll do it (example that happened the other day for me was: I was at KSAN, and told to taxi to 09 (which was inactive). I didn’t know what to respond with because I wasn’t going to start taxiing to an inactive runway. I just waited until the controller realised their mistake and corrected it to 27). My point is that this could occur during approach sequencing, but the pilot has no way of checking the command given to them is actually what the controller meant (i.e. they might have made a mistake but the pilot has no tools available to question it).

Likewise for pilots, they may request something but realise they’ve made a mistake, but there’s no “Correction” option, you just need to blunder out another (potentially long winded) message, which may cause confusion.

Agree totally, except, just be mindful that some gates / Ramps / parking don’t require pushback.

Whilst you are right 99% of the time, there is those few occasions, like Kona Intl in Hawaii region, that does not have large terminals or jetways, therefore don’t use tugs and aircraft taxi straight from the gate. They won’t be requesting a pushback.

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Corerect, and of course we are aware of this, but you get the point

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