Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


When someone says remaining in the pattern but fly’s off to another airport


Totally agree! Mind your own business and leave me be! 😂


When another aircraft tries to beat you to the hold short line to takeoff first…


Calling this a ‘game’ to ‘play’ gets me everytime.
This is a SIM that calls for users to be as realistic as possible on a mobile device!


I HATE that stupid Irish voice.


I’m guilty of this at Delta, because the Slack was confusing, and US Airways because I just didn’t understand what was going on😂


The Grade 4 on long final, at 900 feet AGL


Yeah I love your content, but sometimes it feels a little repetitive. Just a little feedback :) Im subscribed your videos are fun to watch tho.


My top 2 are:

  • Fighter jets “escorting” (annoying) you when you’re trying to complete a realistic flight in expert.
  • People constantly asking when the next update is and bombarding with aircraft requests on social media, unrelated to the topic posted.


Seeing a mod go through the grass
@DeerCrusher 😡😂


Takkeeuf. It gets me every time 😂


Callsigns that are all one letter like “MMMMMMMM.”


@Boodz_G , Gotham is calling


Taking off on Casual and someone on an interesting runway decides to take off aswell, but then when you cancel your take off they do aswell so you end up crashing anyway. Happens more often than you think


Grade 1’s…


@Cjthew91 Well, the noobish grade 1’s


Ok, lemme rephrase, grade ones with zero everything


When I am taxing and right when I am right up to the plane and they quickly whip and front of me and I have to brake. Another is when someone is flying a Delta 737 and they have an Air China callsign…That really irks me lol


Haha. I try to keep mine simple so it applies for all…


Those who forget that this is a simulator that anyone with a smart phone can, download and fly for free without any type of flight training, when they themselves did the same thing who have never received an hour of real flight instruction.

Instead of pointing out all of the mistakes that everyone makes in the simulator, we should simply focus on making ourselves better sim pilots - support others who might want to take this a step further or learn from those who are real pilots.

IF is by far the best platform for anyone interested in flying with zero flight training to explore aviation to see if this would be a career choice or simply a form of recreation.

A good pilot is always learning!,
Rob O