Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


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My pet peeves:

Getting @ed 10 times in 1 day lol

Infinite Flight:

Pilots not using UNICOM when no ATC is there


When people don’t let you cut so they ran into you


I have another one that someone is doing right now to me, when people come less than a centimeter away from your plane when in line for takeoff instead of leaving the proper space between 2 aircraft


i created a post a while back discussing this issue i have highlighted. Flaps doesn’t fix the bobbing up and down, it does slightly lower the pitching up but sometimes the plane is still unrealistically highly pitched up. This has nothing to do with weight or anything like that either but its all mentioned in at least 2 or 3 posts i created regarding this issue specifically previously.


every time i have done so i get the follow instructions or you’ll be ghosted message so i have to put my passengers through a bit of a roller coaster to save myself from that. i can understand in some situations why the ATC is asking for the speed to be reduced because space needs to be created/to avoid collisions but theres something wrong along the lines somewhere i.e. maybe a glitch or something… i haven’t really got to the bottom of it yet


My responses to @Jonesrox55 and @Latvia can answer your response. I don’t know if this bobbing up and down or pitching unrealistically high happens to every user, but i know i’m not the only one it happens to and it is not to do with weight or anything such as that. What seems to be happening is flying at such a low speed (as instructed) and at the altitude instructed basically causes the A/P to ‘glitch’ out a little. Thrust will be increasing and decreasing sporadically to maintain the altitude and speed set on the A/P. Theres many threads on this issue you should maybe take a look at some they’ll go into a lot more detail.


@Swiss I think you got someone who doesn’t like you.
Gotta tell AFP95.



I tried 180kts at FL200 as you suggested, and I see what you mean😁

If I were a passenger I would ask the pilots to declare a medical emergency on that shaking, and at 180kts you’re not gonna get to the airport that fast. So if you’re looking for passenger realism, you should divert I think, or just end the flight, as ATC shouldn’t really be giving you 180 at high altitudes😉


20 miles from the airport, NOT FL200.


Well you didn’t give an altitude, so I just climbed to when it started bobbing up and down😂


When people depart 5 miles from a featured airport to get ATC service.


When people use go arounds as a way to do touch and goes at Featured ATC Airports.

  • People who sign up for events but don’t show and don’t provide a reason and/or people who aren’t on IFC during events in the PM without saying a reason
  • Event trolls
  • Spawns with engines on
  • One waypoint FPLs
  • Speeds by on the taxiway on expert
  • People who join a VA then immediately go inactive and are never heard from again


I’m guilty of this. Sorry JackBot…


I’m guilty too but I haven’t done it since…sorry VB


West at odds and east at evens! You had me laughing pretty good. Lol


Then you put more flaps. And looking at @Latvia 's test, if the problem is you’re going 180kts at FL200 then that definitely shouldn’t happen. If you’re below something like FL 60 then another cause could be a high descent rate? I’ve found that descending at a high VS at low speeds causes a rollercoaster-like you’ve described (at 180kts anything above 1000 vs qualifies).


Ah I will be guilty of this if @mwe2187 doesn’t find a new catch-phrase against me.


I have used from the lowest to highest flap setting here so simply putting more flaps has no effect or difference and isn’t a resolution to the problem.

Regarding @Latvia and @Dillon_Lewis test mentioned:

  • This bobbing up and down has occurred at both around 3000-9000ft at low speeds (e.g. 180 knots) when 20+ miles out from the airport AND ALSO at 28000ft+ flying 300+ knots (deploying flaps at these high altitudes has been attempted (no success) but even doing so is highly unrealistic to real life) - (especially in the 777-300ER in particular)
  • The bobbing up and down i was mentioning is when maintaining a steady altitude not on ascent/descent which i did already mention

If you take the time to find the posts regarding this specific issue (which we’re diverting too on this post which is slightly irrelevant) you’d get an answer to what you’re asking and recommending.