Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


I’m only guilty of max flaps😂


From a controllers perspective, pilots taxing to 27L when i tell them 27R because of alternate landing and t/o runways. Then me telling them to follow instructions and them just taking off as an abiding pilot is on short final. This was before the ATC update although it still happens occasionally and was on TS.


KLAX, KATL and KDFW are so bad for this for some reason. DFW was packed on Sunday morning without approach, the line was only 2 or 3 waiting for 18L departure, and people would constantly try to get to 18R when there was an arrival line that prevent them getting off any quicker. So they’d have to wait to cross 18L, and then wait just as long for 18R

At least at ATL you dont have spawn points that are popular on the arrival runways. KLAX has cargo, but it isnt bad either


When someone performing patterns completes a touch and go then, on climb out, announces “going around”


Atc says hold short of runway X.

Pilot proceeds to have nose gear 2 inches from the runway instead of the hold short line


Or when you look down and see this

Expert at TNCM yesterday.


Whats wrong with reducing speed to 180, 20 miles away exactly?


At the altitude I’m usually instructed to fly at going at such a slow speed causes the majority of planes I’ve flown in to bob up and down uncontrollably (while on A/P) or the plane pitches horrendously upwards which is highly unrealistic. 777-300ER is a good example here


Maybe you can say unable to the controller?


Add flaps my friend, they will fix your pitch problem


No ATC emergies


Um, at the time of landing you should be in a fairly light aircraft, even a 777. You also have flaps to combat the issue 5/15 degrees would level off the nose.

@Latvia No, don’t tell the controller unable unless your about to fly into terrain.


I would say unable if he gave me a vector into a mountain 20 miles out or 1 mile out😉


The people with the fake VA callsigns who are trash at the game.
People who say butter


What is your butter-free alternative?


Don’t blame you, but I always Butter my landings


It’s called low fat butter😉


Umm it’s grease!
You grease the pan just like deer would say.


Are you sure about that?


Hey Cr3w you put butter on your toast and grease on the runway.