Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

Anyone would think that China Airlines is based in Mainland China unless they already knew or looked it up and saw it was a Taiwanese airline.


Ok… here we go!

  • People who keep spamming one thing in chat (ATC or pilots)

  • People who request flight following and then ask for vectors

  • People who climb waay too steep after takeoff or go right on the speed limit



but its still relatively common knowlege among avgeeks and also do most people not atleast google the airline they’re flying to see what hub they use?


No not likely unless they are realism savvy…

i feel like most people know like ana is japan, air france is french, ba is england, tam was brazil etc etc,

I guess the counter argument is that just like you they pay for their subscription so they can do what they want, wether that be realism or just flying. Maybe they just like the livery or just want to fly whatever they feel like flying.

One more, landing not on the center line

Landing on the displaced threshold

From a controllers stand point people trying to rush out of the gate to cut people off or even cut through them just to get to the runway and then they cry wolf cause they got reported by atc

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Always happens on TS… 🤦


Pilots back-taxiing the runway instead of crossing it.

@RTG113 :)

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When you try to be realistic because TBPB’s taxiway bravo is closed

When people take-off on EGKK 8L and 8R at the same time

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