Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

I’m really late to this, but one of my main things from a controller’s perspective is when pilots say remaining in the pattern, and then proceed to depart. From a pilot’s perspective I would say when Tower says to hold short of a runway when it’s already mandatory to do so if no permission to enter the runway is given. Like Christ, I know how to taxi!

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People not knowing what “Remaining in the Pattern” means

People cutting me off while I’m taxing

People not listening to the progressive taxi instructions


Controller is required to issue a hold short command per the IFATC manual if clearance cannot be provided.

“3.2.1 - If an aircraft requests take-off and you cannot clear them or issue a LUAW command, then the “hold short” command must be used, other commands such as “standby” are not appropriate.”

Like when I am controlling on TS ATC and telling that guy on final (2-3nm) to go around since there’s a plane on the runway. He doesn’t comply, and the result was the 2021 LAX disaster.

You deliberately cut me off, backed taxied on the runway when there was no need to, you said… “staying in the pattern” but didn’t. I have it all on the replay as well! Please come back later to the expert server until you are ready for it… thank you.

@TheGlobalAviator yes on the expert server. Look at the video replay 👇🏼 I’m already at 28kts ground speed and already pass him up, he was not moving, then he speeds up… fast. Then makes left directly in front of me. I hit the brakes as I was headed to runway 1R. Then he back taxis on runway 1L at San Francisco… really? So yes… this behavior is a pet peeve on the expert server. If there was an ATC… he wouldn’t behave like this.


WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? THIS WAS ON EXPERT? I don’t believe it!!


Okay, you try and PM that guy @CALFIRE2 and tell him what happened. Well I tagged him so he should receive a notification.

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When a C208 circles over LAX, dives and cuts me off on ILS. I was smart enough to go around and circle until that guy was gone.

One of the pet peeves I’ve encountered after the implementation of procedures is the weird annoying STARs that have you descend super low and slow down to like 230 knots when you’re still like 70 nm from the airport. It really bugs me especially when I’m descending after an overnight flight and it’s still early morning and I just want to get back to sleep. And the LTFM STARs are also annoying a little, but I still follow them for realism. And also the STARs that have some VOR at the end that’s right over the airport which makes it hard to put in an approach.


All controllers: “Whenever Jason shows up.”


Ok Jason… that’s funny!😆

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People taxiing like 35kts on the straighs, and with the strobes and landing lights on

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  • People using a callsign with the default 456 number (especially when I am controlling and 2 “United 456” show up at the same time, which happened to me in the ES)
  • People that fly a livery on a region that doesn’t make any sense (eg: easyjet in the US) and/or with a callsign that doesn’t match the livery (unless it’s an VA callsign)

#1 When people spawn/fly to an airport with an airline/airplane that does not fly there IRL.

#2 When people depart from an airport incorrectly. I.E. (HNL, ITO) etc.

#3 When people takeoff nearly vertically.

#4 When people land at 240+ kts.

I have more, but I can’t think of them at this time…


And people using like incorrect callsigns, Example: Vueling 123 in Egypt lol

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Yes, that too, unless it’s from an VA (example: Vueling 11VA in the US)

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You do run into a few people on the Expert server that don’t seem to understand what the server is all about. It’s my experience that the large majority of pilots, try very hard to follow instructions, and go out of there way to accommodate others.

I’ve said this many times. it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch!

Try this on your next flight, or controlling session… Pay attention to how many people are doing it right!


I did this once in a controlling session and 3 out of 4 people used the wrong commands, in the EXPERT SERVER


my pet peeve is seeing NF123W flying a Delta livery B738 like why… do these people know how to change call signs ?

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Some people have personal callsigns that use on every flight, for example most staff members and moderators do this (Misha uses G-MISH, AdamCallow uses M-AGIC, and I use I-JEDI)

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