Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


When you take IFATC theory and next thing you know. 76%… One question away. ONE. (just wanted to share this.)

When I’m controlling, pilots changing their frequency because of the vectors I gave them.

Taking off without permission.

When I see a buttered landing. I hate when people are better than me at landing. jk


•When you’re instructed to approach one runway then Tower instructs you to go off course and approach a different runway
• When Ground tells you to taxi to one end of the runway then Tower tells you to back taxi to the other end (always happens at LAX on Training)
•When the FPL is set and you’re destination is Unicom only then suddenly a controller becomes active and instructs you to disregard your flight plan
•When people feel the need to tell you what airline you can fly at a certain airport & where you can fly to with that airline, usually seen in rants & comments within this community (Its 2019, can we have some individuality & imagination… ?)
•Last but not least, when people see you landing and still line up on the runway


When pilots spawn ar Gates either the wrony size or then spawn at a gate of a competitor or at an International terminal 😡😡


oh thank you


You mean the worst flight simulator series?


RIP IFAE members. Standard brought down by 1%


While Swiss is the AirForceProud95 of Xplane11 and Infinite Flight aswell as the endless top 10s of Worst Flight Simulators people shouldnt take their professional aviation knowledge from the Comedian of the skies. There are many people like Captain Joe or Mentour pilot who can help with this.
Sorry Swiss😂


Pilot doing a 360 on short final, thinking he’s doing a go-around

  1. pilots requesting taxi on a gate that needs pushback. and ask myself where does he wants to go from there.
  2. straight pushback right into stands behind.
  3. using full throttle while taxing… that sound of engine on taxiway 😐 and few shattered terminal glass.
  4. when final on wrong runway told go around for another parallel runway and they do a sideslip to to line up with that parallel runway.
  5. reporting fuel emergency on final.
  6. using f22 when they can’t control its power.
  8. requesting wrong runway even after listening ATIS
  9. having an airport tour while taxing as they didn’t planned their taxi route ahead.


That was me messing around in solo before I took realism seriously lol


Forgot this last one:

  • When you’re sitting at a gate preparing, and you hear the whine of engines at 100% power growing louder, then turn around just in time to see the a380 perform a shaky vertical takeoff at 250 knots.


When people put themselves first and disregard others. For the rest, we make mistakes and silly things, but it does not matter that much to me.


People that spawn on top of me
People who troll

(Sorry, I’m ranting…)



Someone explain how @BluePanda900 has the time and looks for IFVARB, IF, IFC, a GF, etc…


My biggest pet peeve is when there is two taxiways leading to the runway, one person on one taxiway and another person is on the other, and your both going for the same runway. Then the person right beside starts taxiing super fast just so they can get to the runway before you and takeoff first.

Also people who spawn on top of me.

Taxi Sequencing

When traffic isnt an issue, I always enjoy watching this from the ATC perspective. And then whoever is the one that sped up, i make sure they get to hold short of the runway while the other guy gets to take off first. they think we arent watching





Not all ATC will be watching… some have more important things to focus on… that’s a pretty petty thing to do if everything was done cleanly and within speed limits… why should everybody have to taxi at 5-10 knots if somebody wants to go slower out of his own choice?


Oh for sure, but a good controller will definitely notice someone trying to race to the runway. If its too busy to control ground to notice that, the controller needs to have someone else on ground frequency as well


I’ve been watching this topic for a bit now, so here are mine.
• multiple aircraft taking off at the same time on the same runway
• taking off with max flaps
• strobes on the taxiway (I’m guilty of this.)
• having a big plane at a GA airport
• using a civilian plane at a military base