Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

Not very obvious.
None of those callsigns sound familiar to me.

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Japan Airlines flight 123

Tenerife Air Disaster

Air France 447

Some of the worst ones ever. RIP victims.

what about Iran air 655 ive seen it before

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Let’s not get into specifics. The point is is that it’s confusing to know what the person’s intentions are when using the callsign. That’s it.

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Yes, but I don’t think I’ve seen IR655 in IF before.

RIP IR655 victims.

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When I’m controlling KLAX 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 TS and Pilots seems to forget there are 3 other runways for traffic but everyone wants to seen so they use 25R for all request…arrivals and departures

When ATC/Pilots don’t utilise the map to maintain traffic flow

When I’m on expert and there is no controller to maintain order…and the pilots treat expert server like training server because no one is watching them to 👻 them for crappy airmanship

When I control any airport on TS with calm winds and pilots feel it’s a free for all runways to be be used…landing or departing from all directions EVEN when told to follow the traffic flow

Pilots who don’t fly RUNWAY HEADING on departure when instructed to

When a person cuts of your final approach off happened to me before .

I mean hey, at least they went idle before touching down 😂

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  • Using a high speed exit, after being expedited, at 10kts GS

  • Strobes whilst manoeuvring around the airfield

  • Requesting FF after checking in

  • Connecting to an approach controller and checking in, instead of just submitting an approach request

There are far too many more to list, but these are the main ones

*edit: for my tired spelling

I’m on expert server right now in KSFO. And a KLM 737 just took off 10R after a AS 737 landed 28R. And the stats for the KLM say grade 0 so how are they even on the expert server???

Pilots who pushback the wrong way like they can’t or don’t understand expect runway xxx then ask for taxi to a runway not in use or instructed to expect
Pilots who on expert listen to all instructions on expert but on TS do whatever under the umbrella of “learning”

Pilots who only follow what’s filed on their flight plan and if ATC says deviate they can’t because they have to hand fly or refused to

As IFATC, when pilots decide that straight out departure means turn immediately after rotation.

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When a controller on the approach frequency sends an “On Guard” message…when I’m on the ground not even ready to push off the gate.

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London Tower, Infinite flight 1 is 40 NM to the east at 13,000 ft inbound for landing

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•When you press Nav on a runway twice your game crashes, caused me to loose a 4 hour flight
•You can see runway lights through seatacs ground at night. (When your on the ground)
•When someone cuts your approach at an uncontrolled airport

That’s me!

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When the app just… crashes before finishing and landing an ULH


People like this who are clearly in a hurry so taxi at 35kts and doesn’t feel the need to join the departure queue so almost hits me with their wing to get up front. Where’s the realism!


When you are on final and someone decides to ruin your day…