Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

That’s exactly why I used it 😂

When you spend months chasing IFATC just to have some time on a center frequency only for this to happen…
Me: London Center, RYR9WF, with you
ATC: Attention all aircraft, London center is now closed, good day
🤣🤣I think
I have had about 5 mins in total on ES with center :(


Who is this…? Dude I’m still on the runway! You wouldn’t do this if ATC was active. Pilots… maintain expert server etiquette ATC or not! 🤦🏽‍♂️


Well just 10 minutes ago I saw someone takeoff from the opposite end of the runway, when I was on finals. Went around.

When you’re on final and the guy that landed before you goes 5 knots down the runway after landing and passes multiple taxiways, forcing you to go around.
(Expert, no ATC present)

When the guy ahead of you intrecepts the ILS at 25nm out, going 170IAS, ES, IFATC present

180 knots is the normal speed to intercept ILS. So what’s wrong with 170?

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@Ivan0921 I don’t get what’s wrong with that?

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@Ryan_Gibb @tunamkol i forgot an important little detail, edited the post :)

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When a pilot calls in bound at 156k feet

When a pilot decides he’s more important then anyone. (basically they are 3rd in line and could land number 1 for 15L but they decide to cut and be 1st in line for 15R)

when someone says he is doing touch and goes but stays on the runway.

New pet peeve: when someone doesn’t follow their sequence. I mean why, just why… It’s there for a REASON.


When someone spawns in a bloody Ethiad jet at Nantucket. HELLO!!!


Haha, I saw that Etihad A321 on my map, it made me mad just looking at it.


Someone’s trying to fly an A359 into KISP… 😐

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Ok, so I just left TNCM after waiting patiently. But this 777 lands and takes their time slowing down to 57kts and decides to use the whole runway after being told by ATC to EXPEDITE. (They didn’t need all the runway because half of the time they were below 60kts when the half way turn around point could’ve been used)
Anyways they turnaround very slowly, and then back taxi slowly increasing 1kt every two seconds. (Never getting above 39kts) Meanwhile a plane has to go around while I’m sitting on the runway because the 777 won’t speed up. They then turn off the runway AT 11KTS.
So, yeah a major pet peeve of mine.
They took their time the ENTIRE TAXI while being told to expedite and another plane having to go around