Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


From what I know atm there’s no such thing as a closed runway on IF


Aren’t engines already on when you spawn in at the gate?


You can turn that feature off under SETTINGS–> GENRAL–> AUTOMATIC ENGINE START (It’s near the bottom)


Perfect, cheers bud


He’s saying when the runway numbers are red, it doesn’t mean closed, it means the runway doesn’t favor the winds at that time.


KNUC 😖 aw man bringing back terrible memories…


I’ve seen ATC use these red runways numerous times for long periods of time too - even when it’s ‘quiet’ and a switch to the green could easily be made

I thought because of that the runway is still perfectly fine to use, just conditions would favour the green side hence there’s no such thing as a closed runway in IF?


It is all up to the ATC at that time what runways are in use.


Yes, unless it states in the ATIS that other runways are in use.

  • when Rocco tags me to go fly
  • when I go fly with Rocco and he crashes
  • when Rocco replies to my training time’s with “BIZZZZY”
  • when Rocco tells me to go be with my gf when I’m landing
  • when Rocco crashes while taxiing
  • when Rocco flies patterns at 250 knts
  • when Rocco tells me when the pats lose
  • when Rocco crashes into me
  • when I need to watch Rocco land
  • when I realize that grade does not constitute flying ability as demonstrated by Roccos incompetence
  • when I have to watch Rocco and Tom dm each other while flying
  • when Rocco spams the sisters group chat
  • when Rocco tells me to add him on snap
  • when Rocco tells me to follow him on Insta
  • when Rocco forgets landing lights
  • when Rocco tells me to check help pages even though I do nothing wrong ever
  • when Rocco requests takeoff from the wrong airport in the presence of a mod
  • when Rocco doesn’t quit his flight to go to my training session but does for others’


Biggest pet peeve is when approach closes either when I’m en-route or when I’m in their airspace and I have to vector myself lol.


I’ll add to mine that I think a big missing link with grades and competency/pet peeves is whether or not the user is part of IFC and visiting often. Just tried vectoring two grade 4 pilots into JFK on training server and not only did one repeatedly spam me for a frequency change well before being cleared approach but the other kept taking off from Teterboro in a 77W and then not even staying on frequency…

If you are out there bro, please watch the tutorials…⛄️


When people put the callsign like this “pppp 777777”


When a 787 or heavy departs saying remaining in the pattern, people on training spamming at atc until they get what they want, people at gate with landing lights and strobes on, people cutting in line on the ground ( mostly on casual server ), people landing with no flaps and no using Unicom when atc services aren’t available. There are many other small things that aren’t worth mentioning in this 😂


If I had a penny for every time this happened to me I would just buy my own plane!


I think my biggest pet peeves is just people being dumb. People that buy the game to goof around. It really makes it not fun for the AvGeeks who play for realism.


Ppl not using unicom if there’s no ATC
IFATC ppl that can’t wait for me to descent to FL110 when I’m at FL210
Grade 4/5 pilots who don’t even know how to fly realistically.


I agree with the last point mate well said .


Your profile pic doesn’t convey realism😂


Can relate. Is a problem