Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


Seeing fighter jets in commercial airports


My top 5:

  1. People touching down and using 100% full reverse with brakes slowing down to 10kts not even 1/4 down the runway till they vacate at almost the very end.
  2. Firewalling throttles on ground just to get to the runway faster
  3. People 20nm out slowing right down to final approach speed (like what’s the point I might as well slow down before I start my descend!)
  4. Wrong plane wrong airport
  5. No atc? Time to break the rules…


Your final one is repaid when they think an ATC change means no ATC and get ghosted by the next controller because they didn’t notice them.


When someone taxis through me I’m trying to convey realism but you had to ruin it


Is there a particular reason for the flying with a single waypoint/waypoints 1000miles apart? A few people have mentioned it so just curious


What’s a closed runway?


The ones that dont appear on the atis frequency


From a pilots perspective

  • Pilots saying that a red runaway is a closed one

  • Watching others tail strike

  • Causual and TS1


When users do not use runways operating IRL. For example, using runways 10R/10L instead of 28R/28L at KSFO. A quick FlightAware or Flightradar24 search will let users know which runways are currently in use.

  1. Being asked by ATC to reduce speed to 180 knotts over 20+ miles away from approach

  2. IFATC not admitting to or accepting the fact they’ve made a mistake - then using the number of years they’ve been an IF user to belittle you… then reporting you to put the cherry on the cake lol


Users not immediately turning right when departing St. Maarten. :)


‘Cleared for tak-e off’


I don’t care about the little things like the wrong lights on during different phases of flight or the full thrust takeofff, we are all at different skill levels. As long as we are all having fun that’s what truly matters to me, so with that being said my biggest peeve is those who troll and dont behave in an appropriate manner all the time. When ATC closes at an airport or where there is none it’s a pretty good demonstration of those who bother me as they only behave when there is a consequence of not doing so.


Mine are:

  • People that think planes rotate at Mach 2
  • People that think planes land at Mach 2
  • People that think planes cruise at Mach 7rjfa13.74o&
  • People that get all their aviation knowledge from @Swiss


Request taxi to parking, after arriving at gate


A runway that is not being used at the time because of winds or traffic patterns


Take this one with a big grain of salt as it applies to training server…

Controlling approach and pilots acknowledge the vector but too late and then the vector doesn’t make any sense.

Leaving the frequency before being issued a clear approach.

Not contacting approach far enough out to create a good pattern.


Wait, people do that?


I have some more.

  1. People who incorrectly use flaps for takeoff making the plane appear to dip forward.
  2. When on final and someone doing patterns cuts in front of you,
  3. People who make their call signs a political statement.
  4. People who start decent from FL360 50 nm away from the airport.
  5. People who try to simulate emergency situations but fail miserably and interrupt others flights.


Non relaistic routes, landing o bring runways, ga pilots use ap to takeoff and decend/ascend, people not doing proper rotations and altitudes of cruise.