Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


When you’re on final and an aircraft goes to the runway and you have to go around, then after go around to final again, another aircraft enters the runway and you have to repeat the go around again until the runway is clear.

  • People flying KLAX-KSFO and infringes in KSJC airspace to line up with the 28 runways
  • KSFO getting IFATC service
  • KSJC barely getting any IF attention as everyone goes to KSFO
  • People spawning in the wrong terminal for their airline
  • KSFO getting a FNF


Why do you hate KSFO so much


I’m guessing its because KSFO gets too much attention and KSJC does not get the attention it used to get before global.


My opinion for KSFO is really complicated

I basically have a love-hate relationship for it XD
Hate it in IF as it always get the attention and real life as airlines expand there
But I like it at times since it is a fun airport to fly into, the STAR and SIDs are fun, and it is sometimes cheaper to fly there than KSJC

  • People who don’t know what ‘remaining in the pattern’ means.
  • People who end thier flight 3 seconds after takeoff
  • People who spawn at a tiny airport next to a controlled airport just to fly the approach at the controlled airport
  • People who bring 777s into KLGA
  • People who bring 777s into EGLC
  • People who use American Airlines CRJs in Istanbul, Scandinavian A319s In America (saw that today), ETC.


• People who make a flight plan with 3 or less waypoint to a destination in another country/state.

• People Who pushback 1 minute after Spawning In (I usually wait 15 mins for realism with passengers and cargo)


Thank you!


The lonely A380 with a callsign ‘flight of 9’


I would have to say for me is when someone copies my flight plan and overtakes me on approach and I have to inconvenience myself by either extending a leg or slowing down to allow enough separation during landing.



  • Pilots who use unrealistic aircrafts/liveries on certain routes

  • Pilots who don’t understand the difference between hold short and line up and wait

  • Pilots who you are behind on final who decide to fly as slow as possible forcing me to go around

  • People flying real life commercial routes with random call signs like ‘123456’
  • People flying at absurd altitudes, mainly low, at insanely high speeds
  • The NASCAR racers who Tokyo style drift their way to the runway at 40kts because they just HAVE to depart first
    *People flying on expert with no flight plan filed
    *Spawning at areas at airports that cannot support the aircraft type
    I definitely missed some, but those are the biggest

  • Aircraft flying at the wrong flight level

  • Aircraft that rotate at 220 knots

  • aircraft that fly at incorrect speeds

  • being on a realistic FPL and nearly colliding with an aircraft with a one way point FPL

  • flying an Emirates (or any) A380 between airports like MIA-JFK or CLT-ATL


*Controllers who don’t know what SID’s and STAR’s are
*People who make atrocious FPL’s (ex. KJFK-KFLL)
*People with ridiculous callsigns/names


People that call for takeoff clearance when they are 3 deep in line and continue to repeat after ATC has said to only call ready for takeoff when number one. It really grinds my gears! Saw this a lot today at TJSJ. Kudos to the controller for trying to keep order there today. It really grinds my gears!


My biggest five are

  • When people use a closed runway
  • When people in commercial aircraft spawn at the cargo/ga/maintenance ramp
  • When people have the wrong callsign
  • When people completely ignore the ATC
  • Fighter jets circling civil airports (ie. EGLL, KLAX)

  • People that make more than 2 duplicate requests
  • People that can’t be bothered to contact ground
  • The noobs that taxi through terminals, grass
  • Heavy or Super suffix for a 737
  • Insane callsigns
  • “Screw tower and their ‘clearances’!” (proceeds to take off)
  • 100% throttle takeoffs
  • People in fighter jets circling KLAX
  • People that land on the wrong runways (sometimes taxiways)


When you’ve been respectfully waiting in line for takeoff and then someone holds short halfway down the runway because their too lazy to taxi and requests takeoff.


Ain’t that the truth.

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Most are said here but mine is seeing an Delta CRJ parked in YSSY