Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


People not looking at the winds to determine runway usage and just going off of green/ yellow and red.

ATC that actually doesnt know what they are doing with runway management (you can use more than 2 at airports with more than 2 parallels)

People using 100% thrust to take off and do such using only 2000ft in a 777

People that dont understand traffic adviseries


When someone pops up after you’ve spent 30mins preparing, planning and setting up, only to use the same plane, same callsign and flightplan and run off before your scheduled time comes round


Having to run up and get another cold beer while controlling.


Yeah, the first one is for the benefit of the community. Nor is it about IF.


Can’t relate but seems like a problem


Fair point well made 😉

  • Pilots ignoring the Gulf Blockade when flying with Qatar Airways.
  • Pilots flying over eastern Ukraine
  • Pilots flying over/between Ukraine and Russia in a Russian jet.
  • Pilots flying over Syria
  • Pilots flying over Arab countries in an El Al aircraft.

Basically people ignoring the political barriers.


As an ATC;

  • Those who cannot expedite a backtaxi/departure, even with a queue of 20 departures waiting
  • People on final going 200kt who respond “unable” to “slowest practical speed” (and act surprised when they have to go around)
  • Those who don’t understand how to follow ATIS (straight out deps, no pattern work)
  • Those who think that ATC doesn’t notice when you cut the line by taxiing through/around others
  • Those who think that changing their callsign will allow them to get away with doing anything on this list by tricking ATC


I have mostly just 1 main pet peeve… When people cannot depart from SJC the “Correct” way and do not follow the proper procedures like the loop departures and if you depart to the East, sometimes you will have to take 2 U-turns to head in the destination’s direction


When people are cleared for takeoff and then sit on the runway for 2 minutes while there are a dozen planes waiting in line.


A lot of stuff has been said. I won’t repeat that.

BUT: I hate it when I see Grade 3, 4 or 5 pilots not following ATC instructions on Training Server. Doesn’t matter if these instructions appear clueless sometimes, you still have to follow them. If you rather not, go to Casual Server. How is ATC on training supposed to learn when you won’t follow their instructions?

  • When I am at an airport, have checked to see if ground and/or tower is active and find Unicom. Then push back and out of no where hear, “this is an active airport say intentions.”
  • Have nav lights on at gate no beacon, doors open, while putting in flight plan and once again hear, "say
  • To ask for vectors, get the first one then hear approach/tower is now closed.
  • To be following approach with then out of no where with no hand off hear from tower, this is an active airport.
  • You are at a gate with plenty of empty ones around you and someone spawn in on top of you and stays
  • To have a fighter jet or other plane underneath you so close it seems like there is one plane flying the route.
  • To be on announced Final and someone jump in front of you at a high rate of speed so they can land first.
    I will stop for now but, I feel better having the opportunity to get it off my chest, Thanks


My worst pet peeve is when you flying alone just enjoying your flight. And someone with a figher jet comes screaming along and decides to bug you

  • Seeing any plane larger than a 763 at KLGA
  • Seeing someone spawn with engines on, strobes and landing lights on, and to make it even worse they are in an A380 at a GA airport
  • Be on short final on Training and a noob con-troller exits, leaving you in the air and tons of planes on the ground race onto the runway simultaneously, resulting in you going around
  • A noob does the wrong departure or arrival into KLGA
  • People do a straight in approach to KLGA
  • People who fly at EGLC only to land at EGLL
  • People who fly unrealistic airlines in a specific country (Example: Spirit A321 in New Zealand)
  • KLGA being overshadowed by KJFK
  • KJFK has more arrivals than KLGA
  • People fly through KLGA airspace when approaching KJFK
  • People flying out of KJFK instead of KLGA
  • People flying an airline from the wrong terminal
  • KLGA needs more flights in IF
  • KJFK getting a FNF rather than KLGA
  • KJFK getting IFATC service
  • Why is there an A380 on a GA Ramp at KLGA?


Those people who take advantage of heavy traffic at an airport in Expert Server that ATC does not notice them and they taxi and takeoff without being cleared.


Those who just don’t care and Doo loops in expert sever


The few I absolutely hate are the following.
People who are at 1,000 feet when 20 nm from the airport.
People who are going 160 kts 30 nm from the airport.


I used to be very annoyed at people who follow me closer than 2 km until I figured out how to lose them or make them crash. Then it became something a little fun I must admit.


26R / 08L being used at EGKK.

Just leaving it there…


My pet peeves(I’m also guilty of doing some of these)

  • TOGA takeoff on a 777 on a 50 min flight.

  • Full flaps takeoff from a 12000ft runway with a very light load.

  • Strobes on at the stand.

  • Aircraft not following the semi-circular rule for the FIRs they fly through.

  • 737s and A320s cruising at Mach 0.85(You could have picked a 777/787 for that flight then🤷🏾‍♂️)

  • Aircraft insisting on landing past the touchdown zone(Past the ‘piano keys’ on the runway)