Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

My pet peeve is probably when an aircraft “accidentally” enters the runway I’m on final on.


Ahhhhhh. Don’t even get me started on 26R/04L. An ATC practising for IFATC at EGKK was active the other day, and I literally swear I soammed him telling him not to use 26R. Then proved my point by taxiing across it (for those who dont know 26R/04L is a relief runway at EGKK. The 2 runways are too close for safe operations, so instead it is used as a taxiway for mainly heavys.)

Absolutely, it’s 08R/26L and 08L/26R just to be pedantic. But completely agree with that!!!

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  • When people enter the runway when I’m on final
  • When ATC vectors you 40nm a way from the airport
  • When there’s an Alaska Airlines Dash-8 at LAX
  • When People spam ATC
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Literally nobody:

Grade 4: takes off with full power

ME: 😡😡😭😭

  • When someone doesnt check which runway is active and just takes off or lands on it.
  • Peeps who dont know proper pushback etiquette
    – Noobs handling Approach and Tower frequency on busy airports in the Training server
  • People who dont follow NOTAM instructions and break spacing during group flights.
  • when ATC on the training server makes someone take off when you’re on a 3nm final.
  • Peeps who keep escorting you in an F22 when you’re trying to fly seriously (New checklist item: Report Button - As Required) lol
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  • When someone uses storbes during taxi
  • Me when I land too hardly
  • Someone going at 200 kts on short final
  • Someone taking off with full power with an A320 or heavier aircraft
  • Someone flying at 0.85 mach with an A320
  1. When I’m controlling an aircraft and I give a aircraft a command that they don’t like and then the aircraft just goes and doesn’t follow my instructions and does what they were planning on doing.

The last one was me more then I would like to admit 😬

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When people in regional jets go Mach .87

Expecially on the expert server 😂

  • People who fly across the world with one waypoint (example FPL: WPT-KLAX-OMDB)
  • People who turn on their strobe lights at the gate and taxiways.
  • People who don’t know how to maintain proper spacing on the taxiways.

Too many pilots are taking off extremely too early and are about 1500ft before y’all reach the end of the runway! There is no need to use full throttle on takeoff! It’s so unrealistic to takeoff only a couple hundred feet down the runway! Take notes and learn to make your takeoffs more realistic from this link below…👇🏼

*and STOP taxiing with strobe light on


Just one thing that’s annoying:




Who’s Rocco and what makes you have all of these against him?

EGLL RWY 27L/9R always gets used for landing and takeoff (training server)

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  • People cutting in line while around 40 aircrafts are in line

  • People trying to land at London City in a A380 and then taxiing through others

  • People landing at a runway for takeoff without clearance

  • People using the rudder to expedite the runway over the grass


I only have one which really bothers me.

Stop adding LLC at the end of Infinite Flight when talking about Infinite Flight.

We are not in a court of law. Why would you put Limited Liability Company suffix at the end of Infinite Flight?

We never used to say FDSLLC even though FDS was a Limited Liability Company. Why do people now add LLC after Infinite Flight when talking about it? It really confuses and annoys me.

Think how ridiculous it is; when you go shopping you don’t say “I’m off shopping to Tesco PLC and then I’ll pop over to Microsoft Corp. store and will take the Great Northern & East Lincolnshire Railway PLC train down to London”.

Just cut the legal stuff out of your vocabulary on IFC.

Infinite Flight ✔
IF ✔
Infinite Flight LLC ❌


😂😂😂 This was just…amazing…


Pilots who aren’t very good at math.

“Let’s see, leaving Philly for Newark. That’s 70 miles…

…Moonshot 1235 requesting climb to FL350”

Whereas, in the real world:



Ive seen this as well:


IRL: 19000-25000ft
Some Pilots in IF: 39000ft