Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


when ryanair and easyjet appears at london heathrow

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When on Casual and people spawn on top of you and people who takeoff from the taxiways/aprons.

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People trying to race to the taxiway and going through you in the sky. Not to mention, in expert server.


Pilots who take off from 5 miles away in a 388 on a 1500-foot dirt strip and jump straight into the middle of the traffic that’s been crawling toward intercept for the last half hour.

No. You do not instantly become first in line. Yes, you would be furious if someone did it to you. And, yes, I will ruin your next 7 days if you tell me you’re ‘unable’ to not be a jerk [wish I could use stronger language, because you know you’ve earned it] when I vector you into a 30-minute hold off to the side while everyone who was ahead of you gets their turn.

Find some candy to steal from children while you’re being such a stand-up gentleman.

Pilots who think ‘straight out departures only’ means ‘cut directly across the upwind of the parallel runway and fly directly through the fuselage of any and all other traffic upon departure’.

Look. Around. You.

People toss the r-word around here all the time. Find me the SID from KLAX or KATL that says ‘takeoff in the first 1000 feet of the runway and blast over the ramp at 500 AAL’ or ‘the second you’re airborne, set a one-waypoint flightplan across the globe and hit [nav] so you make an immediate 90 degree turn through everyone else’.

It’s all Realism™…until it slightly inconveniences you for 30 seconds,

Straight out departures means fly runway heading for a bit, Look around you. And, unable? Doesn’t mean ‘I don’t wanna.’ So when you tell me you can’t not fly through other planes, I’ll be more than happy to tell you that I’m unable to keep myself from giving you a 7 day vacation.

There’s a common thread here:

Everyone worries about what liveries park where. Whether this or that airline flies this or that route. And they call this being true to life.

But when it comes to actual flight; to not flying through other aircraft, to not buzzing the ramp, to not taking off from Lukla in a 388, to not jumping in an approach line from 5 miles away and jamming up other pilots who’ve been on approach from the last half hour, to flying at FL340 @ 500 knots GS until they’re 10 miles out…all that interferes with their experience, so it doesn’t matter.

So instead of haranguing people about their liveries and parking spaces, we pay a little more attention to actual in-flight interaction with our fellow pilots?

Maybe even apply the r-word to yourself, even if it slightly inconveniences you for a few minutes.


ATC reporting you for wanting to descend and then having to go around because your not low enough.


Don’t mind quite so much at LHR, but when they are at JFK, LAX or even SYD it’s a bit wrong…( worse things happen at sea so I don’t get stressed about it!).


I meant inactive like when it’s red on the map


When someone lets live ruin their entire pro subscription.
When someone quits IF after receiving a PFI

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people wanting to get attention EX: pilot# so and so ready to taxi with info alpha - 2 mins later pilot# so and so request taxi to runway 1.

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I for one like real world ops when I control. If I’m controlling VHHH and I’m using runway 25R for departures, I don’t care if your closer to runway 25L, (which is only be used for arrivals), taxi to the runway I instructed you to go to. Your requested runway is just that a request. It doesn’t have to be granted.

Spamming the frequency when you don’t get exactly what you requested. I will ignore you and treat you as a casual server pilot.

Okay this one maybe a touchy one. There are some of us who control on the TS with over 41000 ops (not to say that quantity equals quality), please quit saying that all TS controllers don’t know what they are doing because they aren’t IFATC (some of us would LOVE to be IFATC but maybe able to pass the test requirement but not the volunteer requirements for controlling due to things outside of IF.


People flying United Airlines to/from KJFK
People who fly to KPDX in A380s or 777s because they are afraid of running out of fuel
When I’m controlling
People who spam the Atc log with the same message if they don’t get clearance immediately
People who fly more than one More to Love plane
People who spawn in with their engines on and cut through the airport to get to a green runway
People who land on the other side of the runway just because they want to land first
That’s all I have to say


Reporting ‘going around’ after takeoff at 13,000 feet.


Without @Swiss i would never heard of IF.


When training server atc vectors you into a mountain at klax. Yeah, back then I thought they could ghost you, so I followed the instructions.

(I was grade 2)


For me, it is seeing a CRJ variant rotating at 230 knots and climbing at probably a 30 degree angle. I saw this at kjfk last week. The pilot thought his aircraft was a fighter jet I guess

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Those ‘ slackers’ whom are either taxing to, lining up on, T/O on, or approaching, landing etc on those RWYs with the big red #s. Because they realize after a long flt. WX along with RWYs in use have changed. AhhhhhRhhhh!!!


In my opinion it’s hard to make out countries on the IF map especially if they’re making their own flight plan, if they added the barriers to the map it would be easier to decipher


Pilots who do not understand the difference between ‘remaining in the pattern’ and ‘departing x’…

If you are one of these people read this thread!!!


When Approach isn’t open: Pilots on downwind at 12k feet. Look, you have to slow down sometime, get over it. Dowmwind seems like a good place to do it.

Those same people turning base out of sequence at 9500 feet. You are in a commercial jet, not a dive bomber. And the reason you’re sequenced behind is because that pilot is being responsible.

Pilots who call into Approach 20 miles away at FL320. If you expect to hear anything other than a hold, check your math.

Pilots who just cannot get it in their heads that pattern altitude for commercial aircraft is 1500 feet AAL. Not 3k. Not floating up and down between 2k and 5k. 1500 feet. Period. Full stop. And you turn base midway down the cone. The cone is a visual aid. It is not the only place you can turn base. Turn base based on the glidescope, not an imaginary red cone. If you don’t like hearing “descend to pattern altitude” over and over, stop ascending after you hear it. “Descend…” it has a meaning. If you intend to fly patterns in commercial jets at busy fields, (because realism™), then you need to work to fit yourself in with the other inbounds, this cant happen if you’re flying 15 nm downwinds.

Realism™ said on here all the time…unless it slightly inconveniences. There’s more to it than friggin which liveries park at which gates.

  1. Planes going 230kts on 3nm seperation from me on final
  2. People using Heavy/Super on wrong aircraft
  3. Flying above normal speed