Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


I can access Expert, and will fly on it because there is usually less traffic in another region when IFATC is scheduled, but I love to help out aspiring IFATC like myself on TS, just hate it when everyone complains that nobody knows what they are doing


I can fly on there, but like wise also an aspiring IFATC :o)
Hence my comment yesterday on FB, look for those with a tracking thread, as should get a somewhat near IFATC experience, if not yet got access or not yet comfortable with IFATC :o)


People not entering the pattern properly at an uncontrolled airport


I guess everyone here has all mentioned mine except for over use of GA type Callsigns by Virtual airlines who are the worst abusers. Nothing like hearing multiple players in this game using 8 alphanumeric character Callsigns all phonetically announced in your ear over and over again with each command.

It’d be much better if they had their own custom airline name under the commercial Callsign list or at least use Delta or Speedbird etc Callsigns and have their DLVA or BAVA etc in their name field

People calling the game a simulator, it’s more like a “semi-lator”… maybe in a decade or so…
Among other things, as long as it’s always Sunny in Philadelphia with always dry runways, no snow, sleet, rain or clouds or that you can drive through non existent buildings, grass, other aircraft etc… when anyone can just jump into an A380 and fly out EGLC…it’s just a game

Aircraft / Airport Restrictions (Training/Expert)
  • F-22s going double supersonic 300 feet above busy airports.
  • Large aircraft at small gates.
  • People who pushback without a flight plan.
  • People who pushback with strobes and landing lights.
  • Swiss001 impersonators.
  • People who expect you to move if you’re taxiing toward them.
  • Grade 2s who expect to have the right of way over everything.
  • People who ignore direct messages from ATC.
  • People who take off/approach the opposite direction with an aircraft lined up.
  • Wrong pattern entries.
  • People flying anything larger than an A330 from KLAX-KSAN.

I’ll stop here, I don’t want to call out the entire community. :)


We at DLVA use the DLVA callsign to help track the pilots flights. So when the pilot has their name registered on our site, we can track and validate their flight :)


Same here with AFKLM. To track pilots, we need them to have AFKLM GA Callsign.


watching someone on twitch live stream a flight:

-using strobes, beacon, landing lights at gate
-100% thrust for takeoff
-rotating a 737 at 170kts
-using spoilers ALL THE WAY from FL290 to 10,000ft

-intercepting ILS at 5,000ft, 220kts with 70% thrust and again FULL SPOILERS.
-flaps 40 at 160kts



special mention to the 160kt landing speed
and -800ft rate at which he decided to slam into the runway at.


The people that fly 50kts faster than the aircraft they’re following in an approach line. Life would be SWEET if they just matched speed with the plane they’re following.

The guy that zones out when you give him a base turn vector, dragging the entire line with him.


Agree. I don’t understand the logic at all.
It’s easy to simply slow down and match the speed. Makes everyone’s life much easier.


04/22 and 15/33 being used by anything larger than an E175 at KDCA


Another one for me is when someone request a runway that is inactive but they’ve listened to ATIS.


This was on training server, but at an airport with 4 planes, they all exited at the same time and joined back in AT THE SAME GATE!!! It was a mix of 4 different planes.

I was just like, really??


We were all a Grade 1 at some point…


When people have their engines on at a gate

When people have their strobes on even if they aren’t taking off.

When people use super and heavy call signs incorrectly

When People enter the runway when I approach so I just get mad and land on them.

And finally when IF freezes and I end up going into someone on expert and get ghosted (Obviously this happened to me got really angry cause it was my first time on expert).


Inappropriate use of lighting! that one bothers me so much!


When ATC causes planes to land on ones lined up and when the planes don’t go around


When controlling on training and a second after the plane is airborne I hear “request frequency change.” How bout we make sure you don’t crash first buddy?

  1. Getting intercepted by a military jet when trying to do a realistic commercial flight.

  2. Using “remaining in the pattern” when your clearly departing, for example, taking off from LAX and saying “remaining in the pattern” when your flight plan says you’re going somewhere thousands of miles away like KJFK or EGLL.

  3. Taxiing at 150 knots

  4. Seeing millitary planes, GA, or Cargo planes such as a F22, C130, or Cessna 172 parked at a gate at a terminal meant or an airliner, or someone spawning in an A380 in a spot meant for a Cessna 172 just because it is closer to the runway.

  5. Cutting me off in the departure line or on final, and not maintaining proper spacing, I was landing at SeaTac straight in 16R when some dude on right base turned final cutting me off leaving only about half a mile of spacing, I had to do a left turn 360.

  6. Spamming the frequency,

  7. The fact that everyone uses only 25R at KLAX causing total chaos and a complete traffic jam on TS. There are 3 other runways there, use them.

  8. Taking off or landing on a runway against the flow of traffic.

  9. Ludicrous Callsigns such as United 99999999 Heavy Flight of 10.

  10. Taking off from the taxiway or gate by simply spawning with your engines on and giving the aircraft full throttle.

  11. Requesting inbound for landing either at 36,000 feet and a hundred miles out, or on short final in a fighter going Mach 1+

  12. Unrealistic aircraft, liveries, and callsigns on routes, like an Air France A380 with the callsign “Air Canada 1256” going from KLAX to KSFO