Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


This just happened today at Brisbane on Expert. Please don’t risk go arounds, controllers!


IFATC made a little mistake


Pilots who cut in line at the runway for take off is one if mine. Grrrrr


Hate when they do that


Omg this drives me NUTS!


Flying Southwest in Hong Kong -.-


I understand all your points of view, I am not an expert in the game but I try to read all the advice that there is in the forum, to apply them in the game and be as realistic as possible, but if better publish more tips and helps for that people do not make mistakes and do not criticize others, there are many people who want to learn and what better than the IF forum



ATC can make some mistakes, but why would someone knowingly taxi onto a runway when someone is on short final? Regardless of what ATC tells you, the pilot should be looking and decline.


yeah i know it was strange
maybe the atc thinks there are too much planes behind me
(i am the qantas 380)
so he just wants the line to be cleared
*the atc told that china airlines 777-300 to immediate takeoff


Yeah, I assumed you were the A380. I wasn’t calling anyone out at all, I was just saying ATC isn’t always perfect and pilots should use their judgement. :)

China should have never entered that runway knowing there was an aircraft on short and final.


For me this is a very amusing one, because hardly anyone does, including staff/mods etc. I assume this was due to a rule change long before my time here, but according to the tutorials, no-one should be flying at even flight levels above FL28 (i.e. FL30, FL32, FL34 etc), or there is an unwritten rule to ignore that :o)


Well, before Infinte Flight went global, the region’s were much smaller, thus the lower cruise altitudes.


It depends on which direction your cruising at.


Yes, I think that IFATC does get risky when it comes to “shooting the gap”. They often send a plane onto the runway knowing that there is someone on a 2.5 nm final, and they try to push a little too much tin. As you can see, the controller is telling the pilot on the runway to expedite, so he knows about the plane on short final. If you don’t feel comfortable with going onto the runway when a plane is on a 4 mile final or shorter, or you don’t think that your aircraft is capable of taking off quickly, you can decline the clearance to line up or takeoff by saying “stand by.” I wouldn’t blame the pilot for something that the controller did though.


What does?


I just learned this. I’m still following the even/odd flight level rule.


Your cruise level.


@Airbus_737 Amusingly almost everybody does.

@Chad_Garnett I’m not sure what point you are making, altitude does depend on direction, even FL’s above FL28, aren’t any of them :o)

A reminder, for anyone unsure what I’m referring too…


My biggest pet peeve is when people complain about training server

This lic is up for a snag ifyou want it


😂 hopefully not on there for much longer