Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves


Those two, plus
-Unrealistic flightplans in general (applies to commercial flights mainly)

-People who cross overhead the airport or call inbound 10 miles out at 18000’ or more… Resulting in doing l donuts around the airport trying to get down-there’s a solution for that at most major airports. It’s called a Standard Terminal Arrival-the charts are freely available to show what altitudes and speeds you should be at and where to be at them. These charts often will even take you right to the start of the ILS or to a downwind leg!

-People landing on RWY 09 @ KBOS-it doesn’t have an ILS in RW and you’d legit have to fly thru buildings to get there! 04L/04R or 15R if the winds that bad easterly folks!

-People with absurd callsigns that take forever and delay ATC info.
(Sierra Tango Oscar Papa India Tango 567890)


Hmmm. Im crossing the Atlantic CYYC-EHAM
And a 787-8 on slightly more northern track is cruising at 984KTS. What in the **** is this? Not the first time either. I am not aware of 787s greatly bypassing speed of sound.


The training server in general…


Anyone wanna tell me about the supersonic 787s I dint know about. 🤔


When ATC goes off line just before you arrive at your destination for example I was doing a short haul from KATL to KCLT when I took off KCLT had controllers but about half way through my flight the went offline and I had to use Unicom on landing


-‘Pilots’ who takeoff with full flaps and spoilers set to flight
-ATC that’s nowhere near you who keep spamming you with ‘CoNtAcT (insert airport) ToWeR’
-ATC that join my airport tower just as I’m about to rotate on departure and still think they have a job to do
-ATC that joins the tower of the irport I just departed form and then clears me to land the the runway I just took-off from
-Pilots who fly at Mach 3.0 in a fighter at 500ft right over the airport
-Pilots who try to land at 300 knots which end up with them porpoising and crashing into a fiery mess (I’m assuming it’d be fiery if that were animated in-game)


Oh god ive seen this happening in both Infinite Flight and IRL.

(in Infinite Flight)

I was at Seattle on a vacation to TS and as we all know Seattle has 3 runways (16R/34L, 16C/34C and 16L/34R). And guess what, the ATC (who I thought was very good because he didnt spam or mess around) decided to just use 16R for all landings and takeoffs and Im just sitting in the takeoff line like BRUH WHAT YA DOING…


This was at Beijing Capital International Airport flying back to London in a BA 787 and we pushed back on time. Now similarly to Seattle, Beijing also has 3 runways, but as you probably guessed, ATC decided it would only use the center runway (ironically the one closest to the terminals) for ALL landings and takeoffs so we ended up sitting in the takeoff line for nearly 45 minutes and me as well as my avgeeky friend were like BEIJING ATC, WTH ARE YOU DOING - the pilot also sounded quite annoyed when he told us that we would be delayed by quite a bit - we ended up arriving in London nearly 2 hours late.

  • When ATC sends a plane onto the runway when you’re on a 3 mile final

  • When ATC tells you to go 160 kts on downwind for no good reason (has happened to me on expert)

  • When a pilot takes advantage of the lack of ATC by not communicating

  • When a pilot doesn’t know how to space themselves out
    (If you’re one of those, please check here)
    Pilot Conduct on the Expert Server


When people think Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the same thing. AKA flying Etihad or Qatar into Dubai.


We know what they are.

But you’ll note they have traffic entering them at specific waypoints, with specified flight levels and speed restrictions.

I promise you it’s a lot easier in theory than in practice when approaching aircraft are coming in at rediculous points, speeds and altitudes.

(I’d be all for making every [redacted] who is 30 miles out at FL340 bearing down on all the others at 600 kts GS turn around and sit at an entry point until he’s less rediculous…but then I’d only have 50 people doing that, and 49 complaints about inefficiency.

We have to deal with traffic as it exists in IF, not as we would like it to be.)


one day at dubai at expert (no atc that time)
someone say he was on final when he was around 15nm away from the runway


that’s not a problem, in infinite flight everyone can fly anywhere he wants to


I guess I just haven’t had the best experience when it comes to ATC, but I think most of it is possibly that you guys need some more options in terms of what messages you can send out. Commands like “Cross xxxxx at or above xxxxx” or, heck, even voice ATC would give you guys much needed freedom to fully exercise realistic procedures. Yet, as you mentioned, it’s all up to the traffic in the skies to determine how real it gets.


Never said it was a problem, just one of my pet peeves.


I know you always do Tim. You’ve had me fly full procedures before. It’s the rest of the world we need to get on the same page!


People CAN’T taxi without digging a winglet into the ground these days; not gonna mention names Rocco :/
People who rotate at 60 knots
Misha bragging about his flying abilities
Training server
N123AB (you don’t know how many times I’ve seen that callsign)
when my brother joins the server with the callsign KLM 99999999
when my brother joins atc and spams WESTJET, You are in an active airspace, please contact ______ at ______!
When my brother joins


Cause KSJC is the best XD


Just had this occur at PHNL on expert:
Someone just took off from the taxiway and proceeded to do “pattern work” landing on RWY 26L and coming back to land on 08L. Disrupting some inbound traffic as well. Sorry, just something that ticks me off🤷‍♂️


If you see that happen I would take screenshots and PM a moderator, could get him reported.


Thinking you’re too special to land on a currently opened runway
Not going around
Taking off after line up and wait
Fighter jets on TS1
Not knowing what a straight-out departure is
Strobes at the gate
KJFK being used more than KEWR and KLGA
Asking for an approach while departing an airspace
Saying pattern work when you are departing and vice versa