Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

bOi I sTiLl HaD tO fOlLoW @TaipeiGuru’s InStRuCtIoNs. I’m NoT tRyNa GeT gHoStEd. And I can spawn wherever I want to. This is 'Merica.

Fpltoif is a really good way to plan flights

Wrong answer. This is Canada.

No, this is Sparta.


Ok this is not cool one bit… people are sick and dying. Whoever this is, come on man. This pilot is headed to Zurich from SBGR.


It’s a sensitive issue. Even the Devs had to say something about it! The Infinite Flight Community and COVID-19 People losing the minds and dying. It’s a pandemic. Having it as a call sign is making fun.


Let a moderator make that decision about whether to ban him - PM one

Here’s mine.

  • Having Landing Lights/Strobes at the gate.
  • Having engines on when they just spawned.
  • Pilots having the wrong callsign. (Ex: Delta Airlines on a Qatar)
  • Spawning at a terminal/concourse where it doesn’t belong in real life. (Ex: Cargo plane at the passenger terminal)
  • When you’re on final, but someone enters the runway.
  • Having someone randomly escort you during the flight.
  • When someone collides into you during flight.

I know some more, but those are the ones I can name in my head.


idk i think thats pretty cool sometimes.


Agreed. Saw another user with that same call sign and user ID, should be grounds for ghosting. Whether or not it is the same person is irrelevant, nobody should be making light of this.


People that auto start at gates

People that feel the need to taxi at 35gs even on turns

People that take off the wrong side of the active runway on the ts

People that don’t listen to ATC on the ts

People that fly patterns at 500 feet

People that don’t separate properly forcing you to go around

People that taxi with strobes

People that try land in f22s and then tip over and die

Idiot training server atcs, and afk atcs

People that think my apu is a yummy pre flight snack

Taxiing through grass

Landings so hard they make my iPad rumble

New people who decide landing on the runway with 37 knot direct crosswind is the best bet

People who queue jump

People who queue jump

People who queue jump

And having 100+ direct headwind the entire of a long haul

Wow, that’s a lot


People that think my apu is a yummy pre flight snack

Wha…? It isn’t? Oh…


Mine is when it’s extremely crowded for 1 runway for takeoff and you have some planes with there nose in another plane and they just ruin the realism.


When you are inbound and ATC shuts off and you land with no one left at the airport, and then once you taxi to your gate, ATC comes back on. 😒


When you just open a frequency for a busy airport and everyone decides to spam you with requests that were already taken care off by the previous controller.


Funny story though that has to do with my biggest pet peeve of them all: Tailgating while taxiing…

I hate these guys on the expert server who tailgate other aircraft. Sooo, there were two aircraft behind me, say Aircraft A is closest to me and Aircraft B is the one behind Aircraft A. Aircraft B following Aircraft A REALLY close, less than about five feet behind. So get smart, pull onto a side taxiway, let aircraft A get ahead and then quickly pull in in front of Aircraft B. I get to the hold short line, hit the breaks and Aircraft B plows right through me and ends up getting ghosted.

Guess they learned their lesson, hey?


Or the plane in front of you takes forever to move up (10 minutes) when the people in front of them are gone and there is a huge line behind you, and the plane behind you cuts in front of 10+ planes and then ATC lets them takeoff before everyone else. This was at Auckland today. 😒


I can understand cutting in front of all the aircraft waiting as well, as for it taking them a while to move up… exactly how slow was the aircraft going? I like to taxi at realistic speeds that are too slow for some, so maybe this was the case here?

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No sadly, the aircraft wasn’t moving at all, we were stuck without another taxi way to pick to go around. They were just sitting there for about 10 minutes and were next in line to take-off. I also taxi at realistic speeds too, just not completely stopped. 😂

YIKES! Yeah, I understand how frustrating that must’ve been. We’ve all had to deal with that pilot one time or another and sometimes some of us have been that pilot on occasion. I suppose we never know. What I mean by that is we don’t know if they had a call about, say, a family member just got admitted to the hospital. Nevertheless, some pilots on IF are just 💩.