Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

Without @Swiss i would never heard of IF.


When training server atc vectors you into a mountain at klax. Yeah, back then I thought they could ghost you, so I followed the instructions.

(I was grade 2)


For me, it is seeing a CRJ variant rotating at 230 knots and climbing at probably a 30 degree angle. I saw this at kjfk last week. The pilot thought his aircraft was a fighter jet I guess

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Those ‘ slackers’ whom are either taxing to, lining up on, T/O on, or approaching, landing etc on those RWYs with the big red #s. Because they realize after a long flt. WX along with RWYs in use have changed. AhhhhhRhhhh!!!

In my opinion it’s hard to make out countries on the IF map especially if they’re making their own flight plan, if they added the barriers to the map it would be easier to decipher

Pilots who do not understand the difference between ‘remaining in the pattern’ and ‘departing x’…

If you are one of these people read this thread!!!


When Approach isn’t open: Pilots on downwind at 12k feet. Look, you have to slow down sometime, get over it. Dowmwind seems like a good place to do it.

Those same people turning base out of sequence at 9500 feet. You are in a commercial jet, not a dive bomber. And the reason you’re sequenced behind is because that pilot is being responsible.

Pilots who call into Approach 20 miles away at FL320. If you expect to hear anything other than a hold, check your math.

Pilots who just cannot get it in their heads that pattern altitude for commercial aircraft is 1500 feet AAL. Not 3k. Not floating up and down between 2k and 5k. 1500 feet. Period. Full stop. And you turn base midway down the cone. The cone is a visual aid. It is not the only place you can turn base. Turn base based on the glidescope, not an imaginary red cone. If you don’t like hearing “descend to pattern altitude” over and over, stop ascending after you hear it. “Descend…” it has a meaning. If you intend to fly patterns in commercial jets at busy fields, (because realism™), then you need to work to fit yourself in with the other inbounds, this cant happen if you’re flying 15 nm downwinds.

Realism™ said on here all the time…unless it slightly inconveniences. There’s more to it than friggin which liveries park at which gates.

  1. Planes going 230kts on 3nm seperation from me on final
  2. People using Heavy/Super on wrong aircraft
  3. Flying above normal speed

I dont know if this has been mentioned, but I hate when aircraft have their strobe lights/landing lights on when they are pushing back or taxiing. They should only be used for takeoff/landing. Or crossing a runway.


People who are impatient and cut in line (this happened during FNF at EGCC when the line was about 20 aircraft long, so it was really irritating)

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MaxSez My primary Peeves: (1)The evident lack of “Situational Awareness” on all servers by the few. (2) Failure of ATC’s to announce “Chg of Operator”, Open/Close by General BCast, a real problem on Trainer, (3) Grade 3 Pilots sheer ignorance of procedures and performance on the Expert & Grade 4/5 “Flat Hatting” on the Trainer. (4) Finally the failure to require IFATC to utilize a valid IF Comm address in their airport identification block violating the “Ghost, contact Controller” Edict.
G’day Max Sends


Amateurs on the expert server and everything that comes with it!


Same! @Swiss brought me to this wonderful place 😉

  • People claiming to be @Swiss

  • Asking for a frequency change on expert

  • People asking to taxi to 25R at LAX knowing it is far away and it has a super long line

  • “I got unfairly ghosted” threads on the IFC in #support!


•When people ask for a frequency change the second they are airborne and then don’t leave your frequency.
•Annoying, super long callsigns

As a pilot:
•When both are taxiing and then the other pilot suddenly goes 35kts to get first in line


Also applies to these people. Honestly pretty annoying too


Don’t know if this one has been said one of my pet peeves are requesting taxi when you’re at the gate that requires a pushback then right after you pushback pushback in your direction of the runway you immediately change frequency to the tower (then proceed to taxi without clearance) and the in-use runways are at the other end of the airport. 😔🤦🏽‍♂️


Same here. Here are some more.


  • When people takeoff on training from the Gate.
  • Landing and strobes wherever they go.
  • People who rotate so sharp that they stall and crash.


  • When people block the runway with the A380.
  • When people just cut through the other aircraft (Taxi through them) to get to the front of the line.
  • Annoying callsigns
  • ATC Spammers

Hope I didn’t repeat anyone else peeves.
From an ATC perspective:

  • When everyone is taking off from one end of the runway then someone decides to go to the other end of the runway and requests to takeoff. Met with a “hold short of runway ***” and then decides to takeoff or wait a few minutes to ask again.
  • When someones says “callsign is on final” after I’ve already cleared them to land.
  • When someone calls inbound and requests to land more than 50 or even 100 kilometres away from the airport.
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  1. I just started as IFATC, and I can not emphasize how many people i’ve seen say they’re inbound on the ILS/GPS. Only use these commands if there is an approach controller. Otherwise, use inbound for landing.
  2. Also, I’ve noticed that sometimes people ignore the runway assignment I give them and taxi to the runway they want to go to. This is how you get ghosted!