Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

All airport/runway issues
Those are already enough to drive a good or normal pilot crazy

  1. Flying a 737-800 to KASE
  2. Landing a 777 on PHNL 4L
  3. Landing on TNCM 28 (yes I saw that once)
  4. Flying a 787 to NZQN
  5. Landing an A350 at 220 knots (casual server moment)
  6. Flying a 767 to KEYW

Not being put in the holding pattern. I think the controllers do an amazing job, and it’s hard work.

But please just put us in a hold rather than send us on a huge deviation miles away at 3000ft.

And I think holding is quite cool seeing the other planes above and below looping around with you… looks good in wing view.

So yes, more holds please 🙏


As an avid controller of DCA, I cannot concur any further. 😂


mine : when people use f22 at heathrow


what is this “regions” thing everyones talking about?

The ATC Schedule has been replaced with regions that IFATC control in.

Read more here:

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When people fly 400 knots above heathrow with it

  1. When you can’t find an airport with ATC on ES to fly into anymore.

  2. When you find an airport to fly into with ATC on ES, you make your flight plan, take off, and then you got to break out the KARAOKE machine and sing… 😢 🎤


  3. When people copy your flight plans.

  4. When 2 pilots behind you copy your flight plans and all of a sudden it’s a race…. 🏁 ugh

…at least this pilot changed a few things during climb:

  1. When random people fly around the EXPERT SERVER with the callsign AIR FORCE 456 HEAVY sitting in a BOEING 717-200 when your trying to work on your KDCA approaches. Then, after you announce your doing the ILS APPR on RWY #1, they just announce they are going to crash into you by hooking a wicked right turn (bank angle! bank angle!) and then announcing “On Final RWY #33” after purposly deviating from whatever “course” they were flying. 🙄🤔😔

  1. The growing pains of the Expert Server now that there is a major lack of “police” (see 1-5).

  2. When I can’t find any airports to control on the training server. I’ve had some awesome sessions on there, where every pilot listened to me, and kept the pattern flowing. I have like 1,300 operations - should I just apply for IFATC? 🧐

  3. When people don’t have an IFC account linked.

In closing:

I get very unlucky with novice pilots doing stupid things all around me on the Expert Server. You know when you first join the server, and the message pops up about being polite, following the rules, etc. That really makes me laugh. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to Go Around, speed up/slow down unrealistically to create space, etc. recently.

Before with the ATC hubs, these people wouldn’t be allowed to get away with what they do in those areas, but now I think it’s getting worse… I hope not.. …rant over, sorry folks - it’s just getting to me.

I’m trying to take my Grade 5 w/ only 7 violations seriously, and it’s getting much, much harder. 😬


Falling asleep to wake up to 3 speed violations 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️


Had Got Level 3 Violation By Tyler 🤣🤣


I have multiple.
When I’m told to line up and wait while another aircraft is inbound…

When ATC approves a request AFTER I had done it. (They only approve it after I move. I did it multiple times to see if I’d get a violation. Didn’t though. Keep in mind this was on the TS)


When people start engines at the same time, AT THE GATE! Also when they have strobe and landing lights on! And NO pushback CLEARANCE!! Btw I saw this in the expert server, and in training, and ofc in casual. Yh I had to rant sry.


Lol, unfortunately I WAS and occasionally still AM one of those people. :p

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Yh OOF! But I think everyone was

When someone is told to go around and instead of doing it properly, they firewall the throttle, turn instantly and don’t bother climbing til after they turn.

I know the pain man, I’ve accrued quite a collection myself 😢

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Trolls are like that in order not to let others track them down
It’s annoying I know

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my trick is, never turn on my vnav until im like fully awake or able to comprehend whats happening. id rather fly 40 minutes north of my destination then descent to 3000 ft when im asleep while getting like a level 3 violation for entering airspace. what i do is set an alarm 20-30 minutes before the top of descent and then turn on my vnav just before I hit the TOD



  • on short final at any airport and someone just taxiing onto runway

  • when someone is doing over 180 knots on final