Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

When you’re hosting an ATC session on the Training Server and this happens:
“Ryanair 1234 requesting takeoff at runwzy 23R, remaining in the pattern”
“Ryanair 1234, cleared for takeoff, make right traffic”
《One minute later》
“Ryanair 1234, request frequency change”
《Sets flight plan to LHR》

I really think people should read the user guide before joining the training server cause its really annoying

My strongest and most annoying pet peeve is when planes don’t park at the correct terminal. Now, I get it’s hard to navigate where you suppose to park, and some airports don’t tell you what terminal you should park. But for the airports like FLL, LAX, EWR, JFK, and MCO, I believe that it’s fairly easy to figure out where to park.

Example: I saw a United and American park at Terminal 4 at Cancun instead of Terminal 3. And at Fort Lauderdale, I saw a Southwest park at Terminal 4, instead of Terminal 1.

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While I somewhat agree, many people wouldn’t know 1. Which terminal each airline uses at a specific airport and 2. Where that terminal actually is on the ground (obviously if it’s off spawn then you can search for the right terminal)

Just as bad as Gound asking your intentions 2 seconds after you have spawned at a gate and you are just turning the power on. Then they ask you every minute there after , despite responding with “Standby”
last time I checked , planes sit at the gate preparing for pushback. “Departure Clearance” How can we improve this ? 🙂

Getting ghosted for doing a textbook takeoff in a fighter jet, yes I got ghosted for climbing at 300 knots, I purposely did a steep climb to get high enough, I had to hit the throttle to have adequate speed for a steep climb an ATC told me to gtfo, by ghosting me…


Anything above 300 knots (under FL100; in towers airspace) in a fighter jet is reportable. You are expected to understand what is and what is not okay when flying in the Expert Server, especially with active ATC.

I highly suggest checking out Tyler’s post regarding fighter jet etiquette.


I’ll take a look, I should’ve searched for something like Tyler’s post before flying a fighter jet, reminds me of a time where my friend tried playing my guitar, and tried to imitate my playing, (I had just played a guitar solo I learned) and he broke two strings, I should’ve taught him how to play it first…


Love that voice😭😂

When TS kids won’t listen to my runway assignment, and forces their way onto the closed runway.

When ATC controllers perform unnecessary long approach procedures, or when they accidentally forget about you and you’re travelling in a straight line for very long.

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When pilots use airports as waypoints, especially on long hauls

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that would be me… rarely

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People will takeoff from a wrong side in TBM930

When someone go LUAW when told to HOLD SHORT


I think we may have to wait for realistic airport buildings for this to be much of a consideration for people … I don’t have much incentive to research exactly which of the many dozens of grey shapes I should head to on the tarmac!


On a pilot side :

  • Being followed by a fighter jet too close

  • When pilots terminate their FPL so we have to search his last waypoint to know where he goes.

  • When pilots uses the red runways (except for following controllers instructions)

  • When I realize that I’ve experienced only once a holding instruction and not being able to find waypoints to make a beautiful holding pattern (since i’ve never seen the computed one ingame)

  • When TS controllers doesn’t help you getting landed or request maintaining 10’000ft until localizer (should be 3’000ft over airport altitude basically)

  • When everyone follows a approach trafic flow… expect one landing on the other side of everyone.

  • KLAX-KNUC being not popular since global (aaah good old times) xD

  • having to taxi with daytime causes we don’t have yet taxi lights

  • in the future having clouds not in-time at the same position as IRL

Controller side:

  • When I sequence an approach for a group flight and one or two pilots doesn’t contact me & doesn’t follow my instructions (killing all the beautiful flow)

  • when pilots doesn’t follow instructions for vectoring them to a good and safe approach

  • when pilots want absolutely to make a loong approach downwind when I could bring the plane earlier on the final to save their time

  • when a pilot flying wayyyyy too slow and really too low compared to appropriate approach plan. What a time extension to waste!


  • when people complains about wrong plane sizes used at Casual server when it’s should be entirely when we have two others servers for making realistic flights

  • when someone makes an event and no one is coming

  • when pilots are flying overspeed

  • When I don’t want to spend money to buy a new device while I know that IF will be less compatible with my good old iPhone 6 😝

Well i surely forgot some other facts, but after reading all what I wrote, I can say I’m not an easy person lol

Anyways, you don’t see me really often in TS & XP causes I’m afraid of app crashing. I’m doing my things in Casual and loves to see the flight path in LiveFlight (and soon in Map Flight when we will be able to from mobile devices)

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This is new one, seeing into the future.

I’m sure somebody already said it but I will add mine anyway…when following someone on final and the person in front of you is going the slowest possible speed (when unnecessary) causing you to have to go around.


This happened to me once

XXXXX, cross runway 06L, please expedite.

The plane:



Starting a flight, only to have ATC leave your destination 10min before arriving.