Your Infinite Flight Live Pet Peeves

Avoid calling out specific pilots.

I’ll start off with:

  • When the aircraft I’m sequenced behind is doing their final approach speed 20NM away from the airport
  • When approach goes offline in a busy airspace and instead of staying in the line, everyone beelines for the runway
  • People who fly across the world with one waypoint (example FPL: WPT-KLAX-OMDB)
  • Taking off from an airport 10 miles away from a controlled airport during FNF expecting to cut in line of the 45 people patiently waiting.
  • Strobes at the gate

I’ll answer this from a controllers perspective,

  • When a pilot doesn’t know how to expedite a runway.

  • Pilots who don’t know what “immediate takeoff” means, then proceed to taxi onto the runway at 5kts.

  • Pilots who request pushback every 30 seconds after being told to hold position.


I can’t believe I forgot about that one. As an IFATC that’s probably at the top of the list.

  • Using strobes during taxi
  • An aircraft lining up for takeoff and starting its takeoff roll while I am .2 nms from the airport after I said I was on final before he got on the runway
  • When rocco crashes

  • When some IFAE member taxies through my CRJ

  • When some random person joins your flight/escorts you

  • Seeing people going west at odd altitudes or people going east at even altitudes


Oh boy. Where to start?

  • When someone uses a flight plan with waypoints more than 1000miles of eachother

  • When someone requests pushback in an airliner without a flight plan

  • Taxiing through grass

  • A380 parked at a tiny gate

  • A380 parked at a tiny airport

  • People who takeoff from an airport, cruise at FL10 and land at an airport 10nm away

  • People who spawn at your gate that you have been at for 20 minutes and don’t leave no matter how many times you change your Callsign to “LEAVEPLZ”

  • People on Expert who shouldn’t be on Expert

  • People Flying who shouldn’t be flying

  • People who cruise at the max speed possible at a ridiculously low altitude

  • People who don’t listen to IFATC, or ATC

  • People who think that they are somehow the only person on a multiplayer server

  • Am I missing anything?


Oh boy…

  • People not knowing how to taxi
  • People turning on engines, strobes, and landing lights at the gate
  • People parking at incorrect gates
  • People Taxiing to a closed runway
  • Trolls
  • Landing on runways that don’t use landings (Especially the ones in Denver)
  • People who want to try out every ATC command after takeoff, leading to departure requests, transition requests and frequency change requests when you’ve already told them to change
  • People who come to a complete stop, whether on the runway or a crucial runway exit, and request taxi to parking
  • People who taxi at 35kts, swerving around the field in a desperate attempt to get to the runway first
  • People who spawn at a gate just because it is close to a runway threshold, regardless of whether it is an appropriate size for their plane

Some of mine:

The imbecile who can’t be bothered to fly an extra downwind leg and decided to land against everyone else.

The total idiot who cuts you off on final, forcing you to do a 360 or go missed.

The disgrace to society that are people who fly a 200 kt landing.

The halfwit who spawns at a GA area or an area not meant for their aircraft so they are closer to the runway…

This has all happened on Expert Server, most when ATC was not open.

As a controller:

The moron who requests pattern work in an A388 but then just leaves to another airport after departure…

The bonehead that does not listen to the ATIS when it says ‘Rolling Departures’, and you also clear him for immediate departure for traffic on final, but he decides to take his sweet time, like your grandmother driving.

The bozo who can’t wait and enters/crosses the runway anyway.

There are a lot more, but that’s all part of the charm.


My main one which I was just reminded of:
When someone does a 15 mile final in a GA aircraft, ignoring the turn base command, and I have to follow them.
When they turn base only when I get sequenced ahead because they went so far, crashing into me on final.


My least favorite:
When I’m in a group flight and a random person joins to see deer or something. Then they always cut me off on final or land on me.


When you were cleared for landing by ATC and then their is a controller change and they make you go around last second when your 1nm away

  • People who spawn with engines running
  • People who taxi with all of their lights on
  • People who aren’t part of a group flight that join and fly through participants

Oh boy, here we go:

  • Strobes at the gate

  • People trying to sniff my APU (Tailgating)

  • People spawning in the gate that I’m about to park at

  • People spawning in with engines on

  • Random people trying to escort at events and group flights

  • While controlling, people who request remaining in the pattern flying out of the airspace and off to another airport

  • Of course, people who cut me off on final and force a go around

  • A whole lot more…


IFAE members taxiing through your CRJ? I’m sorry but as a former IFAE member I’m having a hard time believing this.


From a controllers perspective:
• Strobes at the gate.
• Clearing aircraft for takeoff and they sit on the runway as if I told them to line up and wait.
• Clearing an aircraft for immediate takeoff and they stop completely on the runway and then start takeoff roll.
• Pilots announcing inbound on the ILS, Visual, etc… when there is no approach.
• Aircraft that depart the airspace, but then turn around and announce inbound for landing or touch and go.


Oh… yeah, my bad…


When a DLVA pilot doesn’t know how to fly/taxi/follow instructions and makes the 99% of the best va members look bad

Aircraft taking off close to the controlled airport expecting approach

When that same person requests 3+ times and doesn’t get the hint and then i have to put them in the corner for a week

When someone doesn’t know what line up and wait means and just sits there and requests to take off again (this is extra annoying in busy air space)

That @Transport_Hub doesn’t have terrain


Actually recent occurring issue, My live pet peeve is planes sitting on the runway after multiple times I announce final. Really ticks me off.