Your IFATC Journey - What to Expect


I’ve made this Post to help new comers looking to Join IFATC.

IFATC - Getting Started

When you decide to become IFATC, a few things will happen.

You’ll most likely go straight to a Recruiter… Don’t.

You’re better off easing into it. For example; Starting a Tracking Thread. Starting a Tracking Thread will give you the ability to practice with some IFC Members who may chose to come to your ATC Session. Remember that it’s important to try and stay open to Feedback, that’s how we learn after all! :) The more you take the feedback, and use it to get better, the better you’ll get.

Further Help

A great way to also get started is by joining this AMAZING Group of people who are just inspired as you are to join!

It’s called, ATCEG.

ATCEG is a place where Pilots of the IF world, who are looking to become IFATC go to get more help for their skills. It’s a friendly environment to be in. Helpful people are always there to help out.

Contacting a Trainer

Now, it’s important that you know, Trainers for IFATC are here for you. Here to improve your Skills has a trainee. There’s always something to learn in this world, even when you think you know all.

Trainers do everything from the Basic pushback commands, to putting Aircraft in the Pattern, Sequencing etc. They will help you though the rough times.

Trainers are the last level of (Official) help before moving to the first Official Test for becoming IFATC, and we’ll get into that right now.

IFATC - How it all Starts

Once you contact a Recruiter, they will send you a Private Message though where you contacted them (Infinite Flight Community) They will send you the “Written Test”.

The Written Test is the first Official Test out of 2 Test that will determine in you are Expert Server ATC Ready.

0-49% = 1 Month wait to retake (30 Days)
50-79% = 2 Weeks wait to retake (14 Days)
80%+ = Passed

It’s important to note that you will only get three chances to do the Test. If all 3 Chances fail, you will have to wait 6 Months. (182ish Days)

The Last one...

So, you’ve passed you Written, and you’re ready to get Hands on… Not as easy as you think, so hold on!

Before you started this journey, you should have looked at some great Infinite Flight Tutorials on their YouTube. There is a wonderful list of ATC Tutorials there for you!

With this being almost the end, (And me not making it this far yet XD) you should take a look at this video here. It shows everything that you can expect when doing your “Practical” Test (Test 2/2)

Looking to understand some Commands, and when to send them? Look here!

Thanks for taking a look though this post, and I really hoped this gave you an idea of what to expect when looking to become a part of the amazing Team we all know and love, IFATC!

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Awesome stuff! Moved it to #atc for you as #meta is just for the workings of this forum.

Nice post.


Tyler and Sam asked that it would go in #meta :)

Sorry for the confusion @Chief305

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Okay, that seems strange. Sounds good boss.


If you became IFATC would you have to learn all the different parts (like approach as well as ground and tower) or could it be just one like just tower

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Hopefully that’s understandable 👆🏻

You are only Tested on the Tower and Ground procedures on both your Written, and Practical :)

Approach is not tested as it’s not needed. But, be prepared to get into doing Patterns. That’s what you are mainly tested on


I believe it’s just tower and ground, and if you want to learn how to do approach/departure you have to be IFATC for 60 days before you can train on becoming a IFATC radar controller? I think that’s it


60 days before contacting a recruiter/ trainer again, then another theory (written), and practical exam before becoming an IFATC Officer (Radar Approved).


Thought I’d give this a little bump to let everyone know that I’m now IFATC, so maybe I am an Expert? lol

Also, thought I’d add this for anyone who is new to IFATC, and is wondering when to give the “Check Help Pages” Command to Pilots!



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