Your Guide to Westchester County Airport (KHPN)

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Hi, All -

Welcome to this guide I created to better help you understand KHPN and it’s operations. I intend for this guide to help increase your knowledge about Westchester’s (arrival/approach/departure) procedures, background, terminal configurations, runway usage, and appropriate aircraft for this airport. This is my closest, and best known airport, so I figured I should do a guide on how to properly operate out of this airport.

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NAME: Westchester County Airport

LOCATION: White Plains, New York

This airport serves from XCubs, all the way up to A320-200s. KHPN was built during World War II in 1942 for the Air National Guard, with a primary objective to protect New York State. The base was later abandoned when the Air National Guard moved to another location.

In 1949, the airport was revamped and rebuilt to suit regular Commercial, Executive, and GA aircraft. Airlines such as American Airlines were one of the first airlines to begin operations out of this airport. By 2006, there were 10+ regional carriers flying out of KHPN on a daily basis - large difference from 1949. Overall, the airport has grown to accept Domestic, Regional, Executive, and GA traffic on its grounds.

Fun Fact: IBM and PepsiCo both own there own/rent hangers to fly there executives out of this airport.

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Click a terminal/hangar to view airlines that operate out of it.

Terminal 1 (MAIN TERMINAL)
  • JetBlue
  • Delta
  • Delta Connection
  • American Eagle
  • United Express
  • Cape Air
  • Elite Airways
Hangar V1
  • Interlaken Capitol Aviation
Hangar V2
  • Interlaken Capitol Aviation
Hangar 6
  • NetJets
Hangar 26
  • IBM
  • PepsiCo
Hangar W
Hangar D-1
  • Ross Aviation
Hanger D-2
  • Ross Aviation
Hangar D-3
  • Ross Aviation
Hangar G
  • Zip Aviation
Hangar C-2
Hangar F
  • Flexjet
Hangar R
  • Million Air
Hangar E-1
Hangar E-2
Hangar E-3
  • Signature Flight Support
Hangar T
  • Ross Aviation
GA Ramp/Hangars

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Runway Length (ft) Operational Status Suitable Aircraft Sizes ILS
16/34 6652 x 150ft ACTIVE Domestic Jets (Ex: A320) & Executive Jets (Ex: Gulfstreams) YES
11/29 4411 x 150ft ACTIVE Turboprop & Prop Aircraft NO

Note: Over time, runways could be subject to change depending on real life changes - I will update them as soon as possible if so.

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Departure Procedures

- HPN7 (All Rwys)
- PROP1 (16)

Arrival Procedures

- NOBBI5 (All Rwys)
- VALRE5 (All Rwys)

- RICED4 (All Rwys)

- BOUNO4 (All Rwys)

Approach Procedures

- I16
- I34
- R16-Y
- R34-Y

All procedures are subject to change depending on what changes are made in real life and in the simulator.

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Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time
KTPA JetBlue A320-200 2:45
KATL Delta Connection CRJ Series 2:00
KACK Cape Air CRJ/Cessna 1:30
KCLT American Eagle CRJ Series 1:30-2:00

These airports are not ranked in this order, they are just put into order by random.

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Thank you to my man @Will_A for providing me with these diagrams since I could not find them in person, or digitally.

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Click Here
  • Westchester Airport Website
  • Google Maps
  • Google
  • Getty Images
  • Infinite Flight (for in-sim pictures for banners)
  • “My brilliant self” (my personal knowledge)

Thank you for viewing my airport guide, and I hope this helps you the next time you decide to fly out of this airport in Infinite Flight, or maybe even in real life! Once again, thank you for viewing my first airport guide. :)

@Will_A I hope to see you around sometime at HPN! Lol. Once again, thank you for the diagrams, and thank you everyone for reading this topic. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask below.


Great guide! I’ll make sure to fly in/out of there!

later* :)

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Delta flies a 757-200 in there for the New York Rangers. Not a full passenger aircraft, but certainly a 757! It only fits on some taxiways and has to report it’s weight after every landing to the tower lol.

Most common departure procedure. Never seen PROP1 used. I’ve flown the HPN7 in a C172 IRL. Here it is:

Common approach is actually the SOUND Visual runway 34.

Otherwise, the ILS16 (I16) and ILS34 (I34) are the two most common. Rarely seen the RNAV’s in use.

If you’re looking for fun legacy flying, AirTran used to fly the 717 from ATL!

Nice topic, glad to see my home airport getting some love.


Yeah I agree @Will_A , I could not find a lot of diagrams for KHPN not sure why haha. I was mostly going off of personal knowledge.

Also, I just started flight school there haha!

Anyways, thats for the input bro! :)

Also, I have seen that 757 come over my house, haha!

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I am actually controlling it on Expert Server right now, lol.

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Driving home with my friends in there truck at 4am and we stopped by HPN to see how his Cessna was doing. Here are some pictures from the airport at 4:45am!

(Sorry for bad camera quality I didn’t really hold my phone still when taking them)

great guide. i live about 20 minutes away from HPN in Greenwich and I can confirm that the information is accurate and true. whenever they use the sound visual i have planes going right over my house near tods point

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Nice, I live right next door to Greenwich!