Your guide to Vilnius Int'l Airport (VNO/EYVI)

Hello everyone! Since Vilnius Int’l is my current home airport, I decided to attract more attention to it by making a guide to it!

Runway numbers - 01/19
Class Charlie (C)
Altitude: 645ft
Maximum aircraft size: Boeing 747-400/Airbus A350-900


The airport was built and opened in 1932 August 17th with service to then-domestic Warsaw and Riga. It was used as a military base during WWII and was reopened to civilian use on 1944 July 17. The airport currently serves 63 destinations in 30 countries. Its focus airlines are Wizz Air, Ryanair and GetJet Airlines. The airport went under a massive facelift in 2020-2021 in which the airport was closed and Kaunas Airport (KUN/EYKA) had to be used as a Vilnius subsidiary. The main changes were:

  • New taxiways: Z, F.
  • Runway expanded by 50-100ft.
  • Deconstructed or reworked taxiways: A, E.
  • The airport is currently in the progress of receiving a new terminal.
  • On July 12-13th, the airport was classified as the most secured in the world because of NATO Summit 2023. Of course - the VC-25A (or VC25-A can’t remember) landed there.

Current airlines and destinations




Spotting locations

For runway 01 ops - Google Maps

For runway 19 ops - 54.649924, 25.286594 (pop these coords in google maps and it should show the location)


Taxi and parking charts:

RWY 01 SID Chart:

RWY 19 SID Chart:

RWY 01 STAR Chart:

RWY 19 STAR Chart:

RWY 01 ILS Approach Chart:

RWY 19 ILS Approach Chart:

That would conclude this airport guide! I really hope you liked it! Hopefully I can see some traffic in there!

Sources for charts
Vilnius Airport for any other information
my personal knowledge and wikipedia


Wow,very helpful guide! 🤩

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Maybe anyone is interested in visiting this airport? If not thats fine! A new spotting location has been found! Here is the location for runway 19 arrivals and runway 01 departures! Place