Your Guide to United Airlines Operations During COVID-19

I was very fortunate to have stumbled upon a treasure trove; a schedule, updated regularly, for United Airlines international widebody ops (PAX and Cargo) that gives detailed info on each flight:

  • Origin airport (IATA)
  • Destination airport (IATA)
  • Aircraft type
  • Frequency

Each flight group is separated by continent/region, and each region is sub-divided by a listing of whether it is a passenger or cargo route! This doubles from a source of cargo transport information to a way to plan your flights on either PAX or cargo!

United Cargo - United Cargo - Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates page - United Airlines

There is a small table of contents in the beginning as well, which can take you to the domestic route changes selection, and if you click on the link there, it takes you to a website that has both domestic and international flight schedules!

There, you have an option to access even more wide-body routes, as well as an Excel spreadsheet with all schedules and updates during the pandemic.

(PAX is short for passengers)


This is very cool and interesting, even though I am a delta fan I still think this is pretty interesting.

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Glad you find it interesting! It is something that is a helpful source of information for all, and for many reasons! Use it in good health and happiness!

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