Your guide to Turkmenbashi Airport!

Your Guide to Turkmenbashi International Airport “Türkmenbaşy halkara howa menzili”

Some information: Airport Elevation: 283 ft in meters 86m, IATA: KRW, ICAO: UTAK

Turkmenbashi International airport is one of five International airports in Turkmenistan!
Laying on the west coast of Turkmenistan and bordering the Caspian sea, it’s really a beautiful place to grab a plane for a spin! Also some dozen nautical miles west you have the capital of the land of fire and tea: Baku the capital of Azerbaijan!

The airport was constructed in 1950 and was a facility hosting much of the Soviet union’s fighter jets and other necessary equipment. It began operations in 1959 and is still running today! The airport serves, international, domestic, cargo, and military flights, so this is a multi-role airport!

Runway Information

16L-34R 3,500m-(11,483ft) YES
16R-34L 2,500m-(8202ft) NO

Terminal information

Main terminal
So the routes of Turkmenbashi aren’t very fascinating from an international standpoint, but it certainly packs a punch.
*As of 2023 these are the routes to Turkmenbashi! The Istanbul service is daily, with Ashghat and Dasoguz also! Belavia may have suspended or have flights on the season as flightradar24 states that no arrival or departure is due to Minsk. Additionally, Cargolux does have cargo flights once to thrice per week from ELLX, Luxembourg International Airport. *

One more thing to add, the runway and taxi movement chart! This is really helpful for ATC to guide the pilot in command of an aircraft safely on the ground!

NOTES: The hashed lines on the charts are departures only, and the Solid line is for arrival only. IRL Taxiway B is not used as it states in the charts! But since I edited this airport, I allowed Only Taxiway B and Taxiway E south, ( Where stand 13 and H2 are placed) to be used! This makes it not congested at the airport as there is only one main taxiway and that is A. Note that the chart states the a part of Taxiway E is used and that is the southern part, the width is also described “TWY E 400 x 80”

Also a link to the official page of AIP for Turkmenistan that covers all airports in the country:

That was all for today! As this was my first airport guide, feedback is appreciated!

A hyperlink for Project Turkmenistan: Project Turkmenistan


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