Your Guide to the 2021 Bell Ft. Worth Alliance Air show!

credit: visit Ft. Worth

It’s that time for year again for the bell Ft. Worth alliance air show at the Fort Worth Alliance Airport (KAFW)

This year’s the Airshow will be on Saturday October 23 & Sunday October 24
With also a VIP/media day on Friday the 22nd that will be $20 if you want to go plus parking.

As in the past general admission is Free but you must buy parking with your tickets I’m not sure if this a drive In or what
But this year they have many different areas that can range up from $100- $1050 as stated by the website.

Parking is $79 for concrete parking and $59 for grass parking.

This year’s main event is the one and only Blue angels!

There will be a place called the landing zone with fun and games that will be bused by tram for once. That’s something new that you would normally walk

More information can be found on the website


Awesome Blue Angels!!

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NICE I have to tell my parents about this! Thanks!

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The Airshow is this weekend!

I’ll be there with Civil Air Patrol! If you see a bunch of teenagers in ABU uniforms with black, shiny boots, that’s likely us!

If you’re there, we’ll probably accidentally see each other.

I’m helping with parking, handouts, and the STEM area (called the Discovery Zone)

Who else is coming? 🔥

The airshow lineup compared to last year is incredibly disappointing, as well as the prices are ridiculous. Amazon’s ruining this airshow.

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Ah, I remember I got to help out with this several years back with CAP. Gave some pretty fantastic photo opportunities. Fun times indeed.


I wish I was going but I am not because the got rid of the static displays this was my parents decision maybe I will come next year when I can drive and pay for parking my self

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Those are awesome!

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