Your Guide To Single Engine Taxi in Infinite Flight

thanks. good tutorial. actually something i will and many others will use.

Great tutorial, Zack. I’ll definitely be sure to use this when flying long hauls. It’ll be great for conserving fuel!

Beautifully written. I’ve always had trouble with this and after reading this tutorial, I’ve gotten it down!

Great tutorial
time to bookmark this

One question tho
Bc I am mr realism
Does it matter if I taxi with just engine 2
Or do I have to taxi with engine 1
Bc you said engine 1 is The engine that powers most of the Systems

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Thank you very much!

To answer your question, if you want to be realistic, stick with #1 for a dual engine aircraft. I’ll be happy to explain why if you want!

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Great work mate

It’s true. You learn something new everyday!

If you ask me, these type of topics bring a lot more realism to IF than a high definition B77W coffee machine even though galley environment is appreciable.
Thank you for the great topic @Z-Tube!

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Agreed. What a great topic this will really help some peoples. Can’t wait to see pilots doing single engine taxi procedures on expert! @Alexis.B well we will need coffe while doing our ultra long hauls in our future #B77W :)


Me, who does full throttle then just cuts the engines to move 😳

Great tutorial, will definitely use this in the future


I’ve just made a few housekeeping changes to the topic. Enjoy!

Great tutorial. Mentions everything and is very helpful. Idk if you want to add in information about taxiing the 747 but with that massive aircraft, I believe that they may cut engine #3 when taxing long distances.

Nice tutorial. Just one thing to point out, I can’t see how “taxiing uphill” will be ever relevant in Infinite Flight, as airports aren’t sloped in the simulator.

lol whenever I use the 777 i get stuck on sharp turns and can barely move out with 50% N1 (using both engines)

Thank you, much appreciated!

They do indeed, however for the purposes of this tutorial, since the 747 isn’t updated and can speed up like crazy, I left it out :)

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Thank you!

Regarding your concern, the only reason I added it was just in case this feature would ever be adapted in the future. That’s all :)

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Great tutorial! This is really useful for people doing long hauls! :)

Very cool I will be trying this out.

First tried out and it felt more realistic, (Nice topic anyway)


Wait wut? Did I miss something?