Your Guide To Singapore Changi Airport

Hello IFC! This is a guide to Singapore Airport! Enjoy!


Changi Airport has 3 runways, all in the direction 02/20. Runway 02L/20R, the western-most runway is used mainly for landings. With the third runway operational, the middle runway (02C/20C) is now rarely used. Runway 02R/20L, the eastern-most runway, is used primarily for takeoffs. As of now, Runway 02C/20C is closed to facilitate the construction of Terminal 5.

Note: In game, Runway 02R/20L is shown as being part of WSAC, the neighbouring RSAF air base. When taxiing there, use the North Loop Taxiways to get there from the rest of the airport.


Changi Airport has 4 terminals, with a fifth on the way.

Terminal 1 features concourses C and D

Terminal 2 features concourses E and F

Terminal 3 features concourses A and B

Terminal 4 features concourse G

Airlines At Each Terminal
Airline Terminal Notes
Air Canada T3 Beginning April 2024
Air China T1
Air France T1
Air India T2
Air Macau T2
Air New Zealand T3
Air Nuigini T1
Air Timor T3 Operated By Drukair
AirAsia T4
Air Calin T3
All Nippon Airways T1
Asiana Airlines T3
Bamboo Airways T4
Bangkok Airways T1
Batik Air T3
Biman Bangladesh Airways T3
British Airways T1
Cambodia Airways T1
Cathay Pacific T4
Cebu Pacific T4
China Airlines T3
China Eastern T3
China Southern T1
Citilink T3
Drukair T3
Emirates T1
Ethiopian T2
Etihad T3
Fiji Airways T1
Finnair T1
Firefly T2
Garuda Indonesia T3
Gulf Air T3
GX Air T4
Hainan Airlines T4
Hebei Airlines T1
IndiGo T1
Japan Airlines T1
Jeju Air T4
Jetstar T4
Juneyao Airlines T4
Korean Air T4
Lufthansa T2
Malaysia Airlines T2
Myanmar International T1
Myanmar National T3
Pacific Airlines T4
Philippine Airlines T1
Qantas T1
Qatar Airways T1
Royal Brunei T2
Saudia T3
Scoot T1
Shenzhen Airlines T1
Sichuan Airlines T2
Singapore Airlines T2 And T3 T2 For SEA Flights And T3 For Other Flights
Sky Angkor Airlines T4
Spring Airlines T4
Sri Lankan Airlines T3
Starlux T1
Thai T1
Lion Air Unspecified
TUI Unspecified Beginning December 2023
Turkish Airlines T1
T’way Air T3
United Airlines T2
US Bangla Airways T3
VietJet T4
Vietnam Airlines T4
Vistara T1
XiamenAir T1
Zipair Tokyo T1

If you want to know which airline is at which terminal, use this link: Airline Information | Contact & Check-In Details 📇 | Changi Airport Group

Departure/Approach Information
Arrival Info

When runway heading 20 is in use

When coming in from the North, follow the eastern coast of the Malay Peninsula down then line up to runway heading. Otherwise, begin the approach just west of WIDD, fly north over the bit of Malaysia east of the airport, then make a 180 degree turn near the confluence of the Johor and Lebam rivers then line up with the runway.

When runway heading 02 is in use

Begin approach west of WIDD, then cross the Singapore Straits while following runway heading. Note: you should be be seeing the southern coast of Singapore running along to your left at a 45 degree angle. You know you are on the correct path if you see ships below.

Departure Info

When runway heading 20 is in use

Credit: A Cathay Pacific 747-400F and Flightradar24

Northbound, Eastbound (Except to Borneo and Philippines-bound) and Westbound (Except Pekanbaru-bound) Traffic

After takeoff, make a sharp left turn after reaching 3,000ft. You should keep turning until you reach heading 336. Keep climbing while you make the turn. It should be sharp so that you do not collide with arriving traffic. Stay in Singapore airspace, and you should be at heading 336 when you are over the start of Runway 20L.

Borneo and Philippines-bound traffic

Climb to 3000ft, then turn East to exit over the ocean.

Southbound Traffic

Climb to 3000ft, then turn heading 114 then turn heading 145 after passing the WIDD approach path for RW04.

Aircraft Heading To WIBB

Climb to 3000ft, then turn to heading 240 to head towards Pekanbaru.

When Runway Heading 02 is in use

Aircraft Heading North

Climb till 3000ft then turn left approximately heading north and continue with flight.

Aircraft Heading East

Climb to 3000 ft then turn heading 110 followed by a turn to 90 after you pass the Malay Peninsula.

Aircraft Heading North-West

Turn Heading 290 upon reaching 3000ft.

Aircraft Heading South
Climb to 3000ft then turn heading 160

Okay! That’s all from me for now. When I have the time in the future, I will try and enhance this guide. Till then…

See You In Singapore!


@CompetitiveDivide320, @Anthony_Morgan and @BongAviation will love it. Nice thread with the information @bbb_aviation.


Very nice! Small correction the middle runway irl is closed atm and won’t be open anytime soon but its up to you if u want to use it in game :) overall a very nice thread!


Just to add some information as I worked at the Changi Airport!!

  1. 02C/20C closed due to traffic for the upcoming Terminal 5 construction 🚧

  2. All arrivals are by 02L/20R irregardless airlines EXCEPT A380s and A350ULRs and all departures are by 02R/20L (but that doesn’t exist in IF since they have yet to merge WSAC and WSSS so I would recommend to use 02L/20R for departures/arrivals since 02C/20C is shut for the foreseeable future)

  3. T2 and T3 is used primarily by Singapore Airlines. T1 handles most of the other airlines like Emirates, Scoot and British Airways to name a few)

  4. T4 is typically where you see A320s from AirAsia, Jetstar and other LCCs except Korean Airlines which seems to permanently use gate G18

  5. The more southern-ly taxiway between T3 and T2 strangely seems to be only used by Singapore Airlines. Since it’s an air bridge, there’s a theory between airport staff that it acts as a ‘billboard’ for Singapore Airlines since only their aircraft can be seen when going to Changi Airport (there’s only 1 way in and out of Changi Airport for passengers)

  6. If you want to check the gate and match the real life flight at the same time, do check for the gate number and also current status of the aircraft

Hope all who see this post and the comments find this useful. Happy flying!


As someone who knew wsss well I can say this is very accurate!

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Must not be used frequently now due to the centre runway shutdown and Singapore Airlines only using T2 for their SEA flights.

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Oh I assure you that they still do use both aircraft bridges. Only ever seen SQ using the one further away from the airport 😅 AirAsia and Jetstar uses the one closer to the airport often

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Added Departure Information for Runway Heading 20. Heading 02 will come soon.

Favourite Airport!

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