Your Guide to Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (ZGSZ)

Maybe the first comprehensive Chinese airport guide?


Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (SZX/ZGSZ) is the airport serving Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. It's the hub for Shenzhen Airlines, Donghai Airlines, and the cargo airline SF Airlines. It's also the focused destination of China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, and the cargo hub for UPS as well.


There are 3 terminals and several cargo aprons in this airport.
Terminal A & B
Terminal A and B is the old passenger terminal of ZGSZ. You are welcomed to fly some classic birds (like the 757) and recreate some classic routes. I still remember the day when I boarded the Air China 757 bound to Beijing when I was young…
They are currently used as business jet terminals, so you can fly some Citation X routes too!
Terminal 3
Opened in 2013, the Terminal 3 is the largest terminal of the airport. All passenger jets, both domestic and international, uses this terminal.
Despite the massive size, the number of international gates is only 9, from 301 to 309. Here’s the location:
You may start any international routes at these gates for realistic purposes. Though in some cases these gates can also be used for domestic flights (especially when the previous flight is international)

The remaining gates and remote stands are for domestic flights ONLY.


ZGSZ serves as a major destination for many Chinese airlines. Since many of the aircraft are not in IF, I am showing the routes that can be flown:

Route Suggested Aircraft Estimated Time
ZGSZ-ZBAA Air China B748/B789/B752 2:30
ZGSZ-ZBAD China Southern B788/B752 2:30
ZGSZ-ZSSS China Eastern A359 1:40
ZGSZ-ZSHC Xiamen Air B788 1:30
ZGSZ-ZUUU China Southern B752/B788 2:00
ZGSZ-ZHHH Air China B737/A319 1:20
ZGSZ-ZUCK Air China B737/A319 2:00

And a lot more! Basically you can find a route to any airport in China!

Despite the limited number of international gates, there are still plenty of fun routes to fly!

Route Suggested Aircraft Estimated Time
ZGSZ-KLAX Air China B789 13h
ZGSZ-FAOR* South African A346 11:30
ZGSZ-WMKK Air Asia A333 3h
ZGSZ-WSSS Singapore A359/B77W 3h
ZGSZ-YSSY Qantas B789 8h
ZGSZ-RKSI Korean Air A333 2:10
ZGSZ-RCTP China Airlines B744 1:10
ZGSZ-EDDF Air China B789 7:20
ZGSZ-KSEA Xiamen Air B788 11:40
ZGSZ-OMDB China Southern B788 6:40

*Forms a leg of ZBAA-ZGSZ-FAOR route

Shenzhen is also a hub for many cargo airlines! We can simulate many vaccine-delivery operations during this special time.
Remember to use the cargo aprons on the east! You don’t want to load cargo through jetbridges XD

Route Suggested Aircraft Estimated Time
ZGSZ-ZSPD China Cargo B77F 1:40
ZGSZ-RCTP EVA Air Cargo B77F 1:10
ZGSZ-PANC Fedex B77F 9h
ZGSZ-ELLX Cargolux B748 10:20
ZGSZ-LHBP Cargolux B748 9:40

Sadly SF airlines isn’t featured in IF :(


Note: the procedures in IF is outdated. It may differ from the latest chart. RNAV procedures recommended (those with specific runway assignments, not "all rwys" ones).

North Deps (to Beijing, Europe):

  • IDU xxD
  • MIP xxD

Northeast Deps (to Shanghai, Tokyo, etc):

  • SLS xxD
  • OVG xxD

South Deps (to SE Asia, Australia) :

  • SIE xxD
  • LKC xxD

Southwest Deps (to Mumbai, Dubai, etc):

  • TOM xxD

east arrival:

  • BEK xxA
  • OVG xxA

South arrival:

  • LAN xxA

Southwest arrival:

  • LOV xxA

North arrival:

  • SAR xxA (start from POU VOR)

Note: the new PMS procedure is not included in IF. Will be introduced when available.


You are encouraged to use all approaches that ends with Z, which indicates an RNAV ILS/DME approach.

Remaining in the pattern

Pattern work allowed west of runways, regardless of the runway in use. No light aircraft accepted at all times.

You can find the charts here (this chart is missing all the “A/D” suffixes, not a big problem though)

I will open this airport when it’s featured or during IFATC at home event every month! Everyone is welcomed!


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